Mad Apex (#194 Worlds 2019)

PuMeGo 224

This deck went 1-6. I assumed to encounter much more asset spam. So after discussing possible opportunities with @Uruz he suggested to pack some Consume, so I changed my deck last minute. Unfortunately (or not?) I encountered nothing near asset spam but a lot of rush weyland, but I didn't regret the changes.

Overall, I managed to land one win against Blue Sun with my new favorit card combo: Spy Camera + Mad Dash. I hoped this would come in handy and it did! One more win against another Blue Sun could have been possible, but because I forgot 2 cards in my deckbox and we found it out in the last round because I tried to dig for the breaker I needed to get out in order to steal the winning agenda, which hided in my deckbox (again spycam + mad dash), I took the game loss... very sad for apex, I'm sorry, folks!

In order of appearence, I played against: Blue Sun, Azmari, Blue Sun, Argus, ASA, Blue Sun and Aginfusion

Big shout-out to all my opponents! I had a blast and very fun times playing with y'all!

#represent #apexisfun

19 Oct 2019 Saan

It was fun playing against this! I was the Blue Sun player you didn't mention above. I love your dedication to the ID. Keep it real; keep it Apex.