IG - Charity Gift 2016 Sheffield

GarfieldMew 473

For this diverse Charity event, whereby you had 32 different ID pairings. I decided to go for something different for an IG build. It is based more on the standard shell game with lots of traps and very little agenda to reduce the risk density. On reflection, it was this reduce number of agenda that managed to pull through a couple timed modified points but also at the same time it was this reduced number and higher 5/3 agenda that also cost me a couple of games. As the day grew on people worked out that I had mainly 5/3 hence the element of surprise was gone and in the final game against Jesminder, she just waded through all the traps with enough draws and cards at hand to know that I could only score on a double advance card.

One highlight of this deck was pulling off a "bad counter" for Account siphon whereby rezzing a Mushin'ed Thomas Hass to ensure I started my next turn with some cash and meant the runner had to remove the tags.

On hind sight, I should have simply replaced the agendas of 2x Future Perfect and 1x Private Security Force with 3x Medical Breakthrough and 1x Philotic Entanglement as well as dropping Assassin (too costy to rez) which would have given me install and single advance as well as install and no advance to entice more of my traps.

Concluding thoughts: Firstly many thanks goes to the Richard Hammond for organising such a wonderful and diverse event, providing me the opportunity to meet and play against some of the worlds attendees/regional champs. I played the eventual winner in the first match and was privelege to sit next to a world attendee/regional champ in another and watched her play out a repeat of the Worlds dominating CtM deck.