Silent Disco v4.7

Cliquil 1208

This is a deck I took as Dan J from Oxford was unable to attend Euros and I was a tad short on ideas for Euros

I was Mayor of Splitsville all day and this deck helped somewhat though my fear is that it is still a tad too slow to keep up with the really fast decks, especially HB.

My changes were:

Finding room for Compile: Probably the wrong call. I desperately wanted to find a way in when I had no SMC but ultimately it proved to not help that much on the day.

Quest Completed: I trashed an NGO and lost the Quest Completed twice to net damage. Would slot again because it is such an awesome card anyway.

Film Critic over Levy: I felt like this was a better slot as I seldom had time to Levy. It also meant one could ditch an SMC to gain a slot.

Otherwise credit mostly goes to Dan.

On the day

R1 loss vs Outfit - Unable to challenge the first 5/3 due to speed, unable to steal the second 5/3 as City Works into double Dedication occured then unable to win before the Hostile win

R2 loss vs. Jinja ASA. Just so fast, couldn't keep up.

R3 Win vs Outfit. Opponent had a bit of a slower start and that meant that I was able to Shaper bulllshit into enough pressure that I prevented the win con. This deck rather loves its Bad pub around the mid game

R4 Loss vs. Argus. I am not sure I can recall how I lost this but I am sure the Argus scored out. I am not convinced it was close either. I assume I got rushed out

R5 Win vs. Outfit. Again, think it rather loved the bad pub it was given and it had enough opportunity to keep up. I think a lot depends on how fast the corp gets itself up and running and some of my opponents were either unwilling or unable to go at the breakneck pace they would have benefitted from

R6 Loss vs. Gagarin. I tried to contest the board state with Cold reads. Very stupid but I think unless i got very lucky with timing and Pelangi/Deus Ex to get passed Tour Guide I think I was a gonner

R7 Win vs PE. Deus Ex and Film Critic basically won me this, I just had to be careful

Thanks to all opponents for a fine day's Netrunning.