It's just Data bb - 1st Place CHCH Regionals

EthosNZ 243

Pretty Standard Hayley Deck that's teched to moons and sync boom, we all know how Lock Hayley works at this point right?

This Regionals was a little weird as the CHCH meta is very small but quite competitive, we had 6 players total including Andrew who came down from Auckland to show us how it's done. In the end we had 4 rounds of Swiss meaning each person played 4/5 of their possible opponents and a Top 4 Cut with single elimination.

  • Shoutout to x3r0h0ur this is his list but with -1 "SOT" and +1 "NACH"

The deck performed pretty well on the day, don't know if I would change anything, would like to have more protection for the kill match up as digging hard for it isn't fun when they have 2x "BN" scored, but I don't think there is really any room. Aesop's Pawnshop was the MVP of this day for me, he did so much work, being able to sell your MCA'd Film Critic is amazing.

  • Swiss Round 1: Went up against Andrews ETF moon deck, all 3 "SMC" and Clot were in the bottom 18 cards or so, I tried to contest some of the remotes but he was much to fast.

  • Swiss Round 2: Went up against Donald playing Sync Boom! he scored 2x "BN" extremely fast (I think within his first 5 turns) so I began to dig heavily for "NACH" or Plascrete, I was able to get both before he could kill me, with the full lock in swing he conceded.

  • Swiss Round 3: (This was on Camera so will appear at some point) Went up against mieks moonities piloted by Mike himself, this was such a close game in the end it came down to a single access off the top of R&D which I lucked out on, if I hadn't he would have scored for the win next turn, an amazing game.

  • Swiss Round 4: Went up against Luke playing Sync Boom! got the lock down super early and got the "NACH" in a timely fashion, Luke still managed to trick me out of a "NAPD" but with the lock in full swing he had no way of killing me or scoring out, Misdirection did massive work this game.

30 Jul 2017 x3r0h0ur

Congrats. I've not really played this much since my second place finish. Great to see its still amazing.

Got a regional next weekend, maybe I can join you in the winner's circle. This isn't what I'm taking though. Got some new hotness ;)