PDC Outfit 8th @ UK Nats (6-0 in Swiss)

rotage 2901

A few of us played variants of MCG's excellent Oufit list BDO_Darts at worlds this year (me included) which this list is based upon

Anyway I didn't have a deck for worlds so Swiftie shared his variant of this list which was fully focused on the fast advance element while dropping the kill package

I made a few tweaks to it (dropping sprints for ark lockdown) and adding a retribution for tag me match ups and a ballista as an added sentry

The idea of the deck is to rush out early agendas behind ice (ideally overscore an atlas) score some hostile takeovers and then use big deal to score a 5/3 for the win. However quite often I'd take different lines depending on what I got. Sometimes I'd big deal early game either a 5/3 or an atlas to get two tokens. One game I did mange to play two big deals to win within the first 8 turns or so.

You can watch the deck in action here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1663301939 1:24 into the video

The list was never tested, so I feel there is definitely room for improvement, so please let me know your thoughts and questions

Thanks to all my opponents for fun games
Thanks to Paulyg and the other judges for running an excellent event
Thanks to the Airbnb team for being excellent

29 Nov 2022 mr_pelle

Congrats on the result! I played a similar list at Italy Nats, although I had some bad matchups..

29 Nov 2022 rotage

Thanks, yeah very similar, I didn't face a clot list but did manage to ark lockdown two paperclips in two games which definitely helped me win those.

Crisum grid was also handy to stop some DoFs and Deep Dives landing

29 Nov 2022 JackMade

our match on stream was such an enjoyable return to real life netrunner. Will remember this for quite some time!

nice deck!

29 Nov 2022 rotage

@JackMade Thanks was great to chat and play against, some fun games.

30 Nov 2022 Longi

Hey, congrats on top placement. Good to see Outfit in the cut. How was the Envelopment performing? Also I am not big fan of Trebuchet in boat meta, I tried Veritas (3 subs) but I guess thats better for rush/kill strategy.

30 Nov 2022 rotage

Yeah Evvelopment wasn't great tbh. its one good moment was vs Freedom in the cut where all servers were iced and Yusuf only had a couple of counters so it bought me enough time to help score out so I'd look at replacing that, maybe with a Tithium?

Yeah I've never been a huge of of Trebuchet so could cut that down too, tbh I only faced two boats all weekend one of those Boat was too late and the other I managed to get Boat down to 0 tokens on it

Will see what cards the next pack gives us to see what other changes can be made

1 Dec 2022 neuropantser

big tribal Big Tribal BIG TRIBAL