No One Can Hear You Scream (Top Gagarin at Worlds)

Whiteblade111 2804

This is the Gagarin list I piloted to 44th at worlds 2017. I've been playing this list on and off for about two years now and have been updating it constantly as new cards come out. It's standard hot tubs with some new tech.


2x Best defense: You need this for Hayley and just to trash through sac cons so you can purge out tapwrms.

1x Closed Accounts: I played this less then I would've liked and will probably change it out for a blacklist in the future.

1x Hostile Infrastructure: You need this as an out against weird apoc decks. Tutor for it and double ice it and cruise to a win.

1x Mills and EBC: Mills is for bad pub removal, EBC is to tutor and disrupt indexing.

1x Dedicated Response Team: I played this because I thought there would be more clanarch at worlds, I was wrong. Cut it for more econ.

If you've got questions on more choices/how to play it, hit me up on slack. I'm Whiteblade111 and love to talk shop.

11 Nov 2017 ANRguybrush

Why wasn't gagarin higher at the top? I was expecting to see a couple of gagarin in the top 16, but no dice.

11 Nov 2017 beniliusbob

This is rad. How do you deal with Shaper no-run Clot lock? If you have Blacklist I imagine you could recur Best Defense, purge and rez to lock it down?

11 Nov 2017 Whiteblade111

@guy.brushBasically a lot of the testing groups felt that Gagarin wasn't up to par, and I also think it's a bit of a high skill deck preventing a mass of ppl from playing it. Only 9 people played it in the tournament. I wish I had done better but spags swept me down on the first round of day two making it hard to excel.

@beniliusbobRecur best defense, and have your Mumbad Construction Co just keep ticking up. If they have clonechip or can tutor if you can just trash the sac cons before hand and then install advance the agenda, let the grab clot, then overwrite the agenda with an asset and then whamopa the agenda into rnd.

11 Nov 2017 beniliusbob

Wow... you're right about high skill. That Clot baiting into Whampoa is genius. Thanks for sharing!