Captain Bluebeard and His Merry Band of Pirates

Gilbod 166

Yaarrr me hearties, welcome to this crazy deck with to many movin' parts!

The goal if this here deck ye see was to see if Grappling Hook and Scrubbers can be used together to make an effective deck. Then I started gathering a whole motley of a crew and found me self in quite a predicament.

E3 can make sure the last subroutine is broken with Grappling Hook, and it pairs well with Overmind. Yarr don't be afraid of using them hooks, they can be brought back with ye Levy.

We have the Supplier here, Kati Jones, and a ton of 2 cost hardware to push out of him plus our first mate Aesop.

The idea is hit hard and early, gaining credits from Account Siphons to set up, attack HQ or their secure servers and Quest Complete like a horrible pirate ye are swooping in on their booty.

Sell the stuff you don't need for your match-up to yer first mate Aesop after the Supplier gives ya it for free and continue on your merry way looting and pilagin'!

Any other ideas are much appreciated, the main plan is to pirate theme the deck.

4 Nov 2014 Softman25

Liked just for the pirate theme.

Only thing I gotta say is - what the hell is up with Deep Red? I get that it kinda combos with Overmind, but you might as well just get BOX-E or Logos. You lose 1 MU (2 with Logos) - but gain hand size and 3 influence, which can be spent on...I dunno - more pirates or something.

4 Nov 2014 Gilbod

A few rasins matey.

First, like ye said, it kind of combos with Overmind, but second, it can be pawned and restocked ta net ye three credits for a click if ye have another hosted on The Supplier.

Third, I ain't never heard of a ship called BOX-E but Logos could work. Deep Red sounds like a fightin' mans pirate ship, and so I deemed it appropriate enuff.

If ye have more advice on making the deck be more piratey and possibly be sea worthy, I would love suggestions and advice.

5 Nov 2014 Cryoclasm

Respect and like for pirates theme. Ye know wat? BOX-E is an new cargo ship. But the name sounds hell worse than Deep Red. To hell it goes with all its box-es! YARR!