Kit Peddler, CyberPop Icon

CodeMarvelous 19787

THis is my most recent version of my kit stealth deck. I found I had a hard time trashing san san grids since so much of my money is fake. Scrubber solves that problem

4 Nov 2014 4dd150n

Love this deck-build. Pretty much counting the days for C&C reprints to hit the stores again so I can steal it from you.

5 Nov 2014 ahein

Very similar as my build but I found Interfaces too slow. It was ok with Modded but became a bit too unreliable. Replaced all Interfaces with Maker's Eyes/Legworks and Same Old Things. Felt it worked smoother. Also I am not a fan of CyberSolutuons. I feel memory from Astrolabe is enough and it is amazing against NEH and PE.