Infinite Regression

frontu 313

I built this deck under the false assumption that LLDS Energy Regulator could prevent a Clone Chip from getting trashed when you use it. If you COULD use it that way, you can create an infinite loop of drawing cards. While this deck isn't playable, it's a fun thought experiment.

The combo works by using Clone Chip to tutor back a Cache and drawing a card. By using LLDS Energy Regulator you can keep using the Clone Chip to tutor back another Cache (installing it over the other Cache) and repeat. To keep this financially viable, you can host them on Scheherazade. So, with those 5 cards in play (4 of which can be tutored for), you can keep drawing cards for 0 clicks and 0 credits.

I thought the best way to make use of these free cards would be to use Freelance Coding Contract and Mass Install to setup an entire rig in like 1 or 2 turns. I also discovered that Sahasrara can essentially provide 2 credits per turn without spending any clicks (using it to install the Caches) so I threw a few of those in.

I thought the funniest rig to build would be 3 Datasuckers on a Djinn and a Wyrm for maximum ice-destruction.

7 Nov 2014 kaizerjd

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but according to the faq:

"Trashing as a Cost If the cost of a paid ability requires a card to be trashed, then preventing that card from being trashed prevents the cost from being paid and the paid ability does not resolve."

7 Nov 2014 frontu

@kaizerjd That's alright! I figured that out after I put the deck together =P I thought I'd post it here anyway as a thought-experiment. Enjoy!