ANWR v1.0

Orbital Tangent 165

This deck is somewhat based on the currently popular Keystone Blue Sun deck that runs lots of run punishment and singleton answers to various meta issues. I cut some of said answers and went super focused on rig destruction.

In short, the idea of this deck is to bust out of the gate super early with Power Shutdowns, Will-o'-the-Wisps, and a full suite of program eating Sentries to decimate the runner's rig so we can lay down some ETR and start scoring some points. We'll take Bad Pub as necessary because, what the hell, the runner can't spend the credits on breakers they don't have. Let's break it down in more detail:

First up is Agendas. Everything here either grabs you money or cards. As is the case with Keystone, we're relying on Atlas to grab some of the stuff we want to pursue our strategy. Priority Req will Rez big ICE to give us nice credit swings. Hostile is an economy card disguised as an Agenda, and Geo is 15 credits that are not subject to Siphon.

Assets harken back to old school Weyland with some Snare! action going on and the obligatory Jacksons. The Snare!s provide alternate means of tagging, hand protection vs Legwork, and potential program destruction if we get lucky. Howard lets us recur Power Shutdown or Wisps, and of course use said Power Shutdowns with minimal risk. The final piece is Aggressive Secretary, which allows you to dare the runner to check your remote. You simply lay it down, advance twice, and if they don't run it just pick it up. Lay it or another agenda down and advance twice again.

The only Upgrade is Will-o-the-Wisp. We want to aggressively use this to clear out breakers, plain and simple. Install it anywhere they run a lot as soon as you can afford it.

All the Operations should be self explanatory. Pretty much Power Shutdown their breakers, Oversight the Curtain Walls, and win via Scorch if the opportunity presents itself.

Last we come to the ICE. Changeling provides a Sentry that is both ETR and higher strength than Mimic. Curtain Wall is economy with Oversight of course, and Ice Wall is a cheap ETR Barrier. Enigma is there just because it is a cheap ETR gear check Code Gate that doesn't insta-die to Parasite (Datapike could work in its place). The real heart of the ICE suite, though, is the Sentries.

I know what you're thinking: Why all the singletons? The answer is that we're looking for varied strength vs Atman and different kinds of pressure to keep the Runner on their toes.

Archer is just all around great with high strength and ETR, Grim is a good surprise with high strength, but lacks ETR. Ichi out strengths Mimic and begs the Runner to sped clicks while also providing another source of tagging. Rototurret has that nice ETR. Swordsman is for knocking out AI and AI-only breaker suites (Knight/Overmind Quetzal builds). Taurus just is nice to take out a Desparado or Plascrete.