Tournament-Winning Decklist: Keystone v2.0

ItJustGotRielle 2964

  • Tournament Location: Epic Loot Games and Comics, Dayton, Ohio

  • Attendance: 12, 4 rounds Swiss

  • Final Score: 7-1, for a total of 14 prestige

My first store tournament win, back in July 2014, was with a GRNDL 'dirty' deck of my own design (many months before Uncorrodable was a household name, I insist to say :P), using Power Shutdown recursion, taking gratuitous bad pub, and powering forward to 7 points under threat of Scorch, the decklist of which can be found here. The meta then included Criminal reigning supreme, and Yog and Datasucker being in every deck (or Atman/Datasucker).

Skip ahead to August of this year. Will o' the Wisp and Taurus are released. In light of the Posted Bounty and Biotic Labor featured in my decklist, I cannot resist the play-making potential of these two cards. Lucky Find in Katman is now a staple and my deck is having trouble competing economically with it; Power Shutdown is only effective sometimes, depending on the timing of runner installs, because of Pre-Paid Voicepad being an early-play staple to their mid-game pressure. Will o' The Wisp seems a perfect way to deal with a Shaper that simply can't be kept out, while holding an unrezzed Swordsman on R&D until rezzing it to trash the 4-strength Atman will buy me the score window I need. Decklist seen here.

The deck is very effective, but the rise of NEH means runners learn to play faster, and to be able to punish a runner who moves quickly, I simply need more splash. Too often a Decoy or NACH hits the table, and I stare at the SEA/Scorch/Scorch/Biotic in my hand and shrug; Now I have to Biotic score a Posted Bounty, forfeit it to blow the Decoy, then still have the money to SEA/Scorch/Scorch next turn, and this is assuming no Plascretes (But you're Weyland, so there'll be Plascretes). I need the ability to take my deck in whatever direction I need to, at any time; The Scorch play is too difficult to threaten without crossing the event horizon into Flatline Committal territory, where you lose potential scoring windows hoping for them to run carelessly, and instead they Plascrete, they take 8, they clear Kati, they Index you, and there's your chance. I need 15 influence, I need more power cards, and most of all I need the ability to get money quickly to not fall behind and stay behind after rezzing a Grim force a Faerie to pop just to save time.

The deck becomes so difficult to pilot that I actually switch to PE for a couple tournaments, just for the heck of trying something new; Something silly that runs 8 ice, Tori Hanzo, House of Knives, Cerebral Casts, Scorches, and Neurals. I take second because a lot of Andromeda "run all the time" decks show up and they get careless, but I just didn't enjoy myself that much. I miss laying a Weyland identity on the table, and the very idea of green cards forcing the runner to respect me. I miss the power. I miss the punishment cards. DO NOT STEAL FROM ME. Power Shutdown for 0, trash the Faerie. Install the Atlas. Advance. Score it out next turn. Now I have a Scorch on demand. R&D has an Enigma on it. Help yourself. See what happens. I LOVE this style of play. Building towering servers of ice is slow, and someone like me with ADD needs more action. NBN is un-interactive; and RP, once again, is just so damn slow.

Then Blue Sun is released. For someone who has only played Weyland, since Creation and Control was released, wow, this solved so many problems Weyland has had up to this point:

  • Weak late game

  • Dependency on combo cards

  • Enigma and Quandary are your only code gate options without using influence

  • High-economy runners mean if you don't get to match point in time, you'll never be able to Scorch them; at match point Punitive is ineffective.

  • Rush deck ice is cheap and binary, a rough thing to pilot in a meta where Parasite is everywhere

  • Faerie and Sharpshooter always hit the table in the first few turns, neutering any possibility of Archer making plays for you without a Corporate Troubleshooter; Dumping your credits into a CT often means a runner with a good economy will overtake you if you are not using your CT at match point

  • Weyland economy depends on scoring agendas; Hostile Takeover and Geothermal Fracking (although everyone has convinced themselves they would rather have a leg amputated than take more than 1 Bad Pub), and to a lesser extent, Government Contracts. Govt Contracts is a fantastic agenda, but nearly impossible to score (in my southwest Ohio meta, there is an inside joke with my deck about Government Contracts; it's there for you to take so that I can score the 'good' agendas), and if you do score it, it's usually pulling out all your tricks to do so (rezzing the Archer, pumping a CT, or just them letting you have it and then Indexing you for 4 points or Siphoning you to disarm the CT and then running it anyway), and leaving yourself high and dry for several turns while you use it's ability of "spend most of your turn to get a Hedge Fund". If you're in a position where you can spend 2 clicks for 4 credits, the runner has already lost, and you should have just scored an over-advanced Atlas to search for 2 Hostile Takeovers/1 HT and another Atlas to just close the game out.

  • Most of all: Blue Sun allows you to rez 'utility' ice, i.e. ice that is perhaps not binary but serves a strong purpose in advancing your board state, without having to actually SPEND that money. Ice that has a great effect, but once you rez it, fires once, and that's the end of it. No more surprise, barely taxing, or you're too low on credits and you just opt to not rez it at all, because if you do, you can't rez the Enigma or Archer behind it without being at 3 credits (a number Weyland NEVER wants to be at all game!) and getting exploited on some other server.

I have been following Blue Sun closely in forums, seeing what people are trying to do with it, but for the most part, they're just trying to copy other glacier decks, insistent on parroting the "taxing decks are winning decks" mantra that started with Red Coats and now dominates in RP and NEH; Hadrian's, Curtain Walls, Wotans, Heimdalls, whatever, with things like Eliza's Toybox or Adonis Campaign to bounce so every turn you gain credits. I was thrilled at the idea, though, of applying my Keystone skeleton to an identity that would literally solve EVERY problem with it in its 10-influence GRNDL version.

This was meant to be a "these are all the cards I think will be effective" proof of concept deck, but it worked MUCH better than I anticipated it would. Resilient to Parasite and Knight. Swordsman no longer needed because Datasucker is easily trashed with Power Shutdown, and if you want to play a 10/14-str Atman, go ahead. A lot of cards present in this decklist are present in many Blue Sun decklists: Hadrian's and Curtain Walls and Oversight AI especially. But here are the MVPs of the deck, with some explanation:

  • Reversed Accounts: WOW. This card is completely bananas. 1 Influence? Yes please. Worried about whether or not they can break your remote? You have Archer there with (ideally) a Hadrian's in front (so when Corroder is trashed Inside Job must be used) and Enigma so they need all 3 breakers, they have a Faerie and a Clone Chip out with a Gordian Blade and Corroder. Hadrian's is 7 to break, Enigma 2 (conservatively 1 if running on last click), and Archer 4 and a trashing of their Faerie. 12 - 13 Credits, but with that Clone Chip you can't even bluff/waste a Posted Bounty to create a score window because they can get the Faerie back. Instead, drop this in to create a scoring window. Install Advance Advance. Do they run it? Rez the Ice, make them burn their credits, on your turn bounce the Hadrian's to your hand if you must, and drop that Atlas. Do they not run it? Advance first click, rez, use it's ability 2nd click. They just lost 12 credits, the amount they need to get through your server. 3rd click, install the agenda. Score it out next turn. This is the trap Weyland has been waiting for, not Shattered Remains. Reversed Accounts.

  • Midseason Replacements: To hell with your tag avoidance. Steal from me? I have 30 credits. I don't have a problem dumping 15 into a Midseason on you. Spend all your credits to stop me. Or don't... You have 2 Plascretes right? What is Weyland gonna do to you? Close your Accounts? They have so much money, who cares. I'd rather let them waste 15 credits and try to win before they do. But if you're tagged, goodbye Supplier. Goodbye, Kati. Goodbye, Professional Contacts. Strangely, Compromised Employee is ABSOLUTELY worth trashing if they're tagged. You bounce and rez ice so often that with 2 or 3 of those out, the runner doesn't need economy. You are their economy. So 15 tags, so what? Here's what: They enter tag-me mode. They will keep 4 cards in hand. They have to click to draw or play burst draw cards now, and can't go all-in (unless at match point, which is, granted, not ideal for you to be playing Midseason at). A runner plays 2 Plascretes for the most part, and even while tagged, just keeps a hand of 4 unless they happen to even HAVE a 3rd Plascrete in their deck, let alone draw it. Why does this matter? That brings me to the next card.

  • Information Overload: Let's talk about 'taxing ice'. I can basically always Midseason you, even if it means having to bounce back a Curtain Wall I OAI'ed earlier. When I rez a piece of ice that says Pay 15 credits or lose 15 installed cards, what will you do? It only has to work once. My turn comes back around. Blue Sun it back. Get your 6 credits back. The runner has been punished for taking tags that they can't stop you from giving. Now shuffle the cards in HQ. Install a piece of ice where you think they will run next turn, if they were to run. Install a 2nd piece of ice on your remote. Install an agenda in that remote. Pass turn. Ok, Andy, where is the Information Overload? Make sure you run with enough credits to break the subroutines on the IO, or lose those Plascretes. I'm Weyland and I'm playing Midseason, you know I have Scorches. It's your call.

  • Taurus: Another great one-of, though I'm considering going to 2-of; It's 5 to rez, 3 to pump and force the trashing of 1 hardware regardless of if they match the trace or not. Then bounce it back, get 5 credits back. Shuffle your HQ, install a piece of ice back where Taurus was, and another piece of ice where you think they'll run. Where is the Taurus? Like I said, this deck absolutely does not fear Datasucker. That removes Mimic from the equation. The common sentry breakers to be aware of will be Femme and Faerie, (and possibly Dagger/Switchblade depending on how the meta evolves from here) and both are things you want the runner to play. Waste a Faerie on a Taurus, that's 1 less Faerie for Archer or Grim. Femme'ing ice is nearly impossible to do versus this deck, because I will just bounce what you Femme. Hard-breaking a Taurus with Femme is 7 credits, that's fine too. The runner doesn't want to play Femme when you are bouncing sentries back to your hand, shuffling, and dropping 2 ice. They have to face-check it to know what to Femme, and the only pieces in this deck they would Femme (outside of Archer) get bounced after they're rezzed, so what they essentially have in their deck is an extremely cost-inefficient 9-cost Sentry breaker. Spend 9 Credits when it costs 10 - 12 to break in to this remote. Guess what's going to happen if you steal from me when we're running a 20-credit disparity? Taurus trashes Desperado early, reliably, which puts the choke on Security Testing Andy; It trashes Clone Chips reliably or forces the Shaper to SMC for a sentry breaker when they don't want to. It trashes the belligerent turn 1 runner Plascrete, if you have the extra 3 credits to spare. At any point in the game, it is a great 1-of. Or better yet, don't rez it, let them run in with the SMC out. My turn? Power Shutdown for 0. 1 Credit to remove your ability to tutor a breaker to save you during your next run. You might see my top card and know I just drew an Archer; I'm Weyland, of Course I have an Archer. Now go draw for a card to deal with it because I just installed 2 ice and 1 of them is an Archer. Or is it? Play a Faerie and run, because it's an Ice Wall and an Enigma. My turn? Power Shutdown for 0.

  • Jackson Howard: One of the MVPs of the deck, and not just because Jackson has been a fantastic card for 95% of all corp decks for almost a year and going. Here is a small list of what Jackson lets you do:

-Power Shutdown safely

-Dig for combo cards (obviously)

-Overdraw to deal with agenda flooding (obviously)

-Bait the a runner familiar with the deck into a run by bluffing an Atlas, Hostile Takeover, or Posted Bounty

-Especially: You're 10 turns in and you've only seen 1 Shutdown, and you're hurting for one. Put the Shutdown back in, upping the odds of getting one. Along with it, put those Oversight AIs back in. Each one is essentially a click for 10 - 14 credits if left uncontested for a single turn.

-You've just hit them with Midseason and stuck them with enough tags that they can't clear for several turns (somewhere between 8 and 12 probably). You're holding 3 Scorches. They have 2 Plascretes and 4 cards in hand. Play the Scorches. They probably won't be running any time soon. Sure the Scorch threat is gone, until you rez a Jackson Howard and put all 3 Scorches back in. What does a runner do with that? Most will say they aren't sure; most will say "go hard and try to win before they draw them back". Do you have an Atlas Token? Once you draw 1, you win. Atlas search for the other, and 8 meat damage later the game is over. More on this below.

-Biotic Recursion. You have the Biotic, you're holding an Atlas. Your primary objective is to get that Atlas on the table, unadvanced, in a scoring window if you can. The runner should not be able to run your remote without disparity growing to about 20 credits anyway, which brings the Midseason into the picture, but we've covered that. If they don't run it, Biotic Labor, advance 4 times. Now you're at 3 points (unlike previous Keystone variants, I'm finding it's actually quite helpful to score your first HT early since you start at 5 credits instead of 10 like in GRNDL); a Biotic in Archives, and waiting on a Jackson. Jackson draw for another agenda. Is it an Atlas. Jackson the Biotic back in, Atlas search it, and score the Atlas out of hand if you have to. Or install unadvanced into a remote, then go for Biotic and churn another Atlas with a token out. You're at match point with huge ice on the board and the ability to get any card you want. You're in a good place. More on the plays Biotic opens up below.

  • Biotic Labor: A power card, the downside of which is its cost. But in an archetype where the theme is basically "money is no object", it fits perfectly. There are basically 2 reasons for Biotic; First, as mentioned above, letting you chain Project Atlas. Atlas is the cornerstone agenda of ANY Weyland deck right now (until OaC of course, and probably still beyond that). It is Weyland's Astroscript. Not overadvancing this is basically not an option. It might have well have been printed as a 4/2 that gets a token on scoring it out, but it is better than that: Every advancement beyond the 3rd gives you an Atlas token, meaning scoring it as if it were a 5/3 gives you the ability to have 2 cards out of your deck, ANY CARD, any time you want. That effect is WORTH 4 credits. If there was a card that was cost 4 and said When you play this operation gain a click. This card may be played during the runners turn during any paid ability window. Search R&D for any card, reveal it, and add it to HQ. Shuffle your deck. Would you play it? Are you kidding me? Of course you would, that card sounds completely bananas. Using Biotic as a 4-credit means to get cards out of your R&D when you need them is ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS worth it.

-Minor secondary use of Biotic: You have a giant amount of credits. The runner has not installed plascrete, and perhaps they don't even run them because of NEH being so prevalent and Scorch decks becoming more uncommon. You have had some strong draws, and have 20 - 25 credits from bouncing Hadrian's/Curtain Walls. The runner has been less fortunate, and doesn't want to risk running against you just yet, because they know you can bounce a big barrier if they run and score against you and smash you the tag/scorch/scorch combo you might be holding. But what you DO have in hand, as coincidence would have it, is a Posted Bounty, a Biotic, and a Single Scorch. Install the Posted Bounty on your first click, then do other things; Perhaps ice up centrals, or OAI a Curtain/Hadrian's Wall, play a Hedge Fund, continue to set up your centrals and your late-game economy. What does the runner do on their turn? Likely, set up their rig. Or, run a central to force some ice rez/economy denial to help close the credit gap, then jack out, so they don't get the successful run/SEA Source. Even a smart player will think, "what could that be? He didn't advance it after installing it. I know he will want to overadvance his Atlas, and can't afford to lose it, so it must not be that. Weyland does not have access to any other 3/2 agendas. Is it a Profiteering or Chronos Protocol perhaps? At worst, it's only 1 point, and not worth getting Scorched over. Even if it's a Posted Bounty, I have another turn to close the credit, can advance it three times next turn, and then the turn AFTER that he can forfeit it to hit me with Scorches. I'll econ up this turn, and wait to see if it gets advanced, and then run it if it does." With PB sitting naked behind that remote ice, you can Biotic, triple advance, and single Scorch in a turn. Alternatively, if they DO run it regardless of it being unadvanced, they just took the agenda you want the least in the deck, and turned on Midseason, and likely spent a few credits getting in, meaning bouncing a big barrier will ensure a tagstorm. Jackson draw for the scorches ASAP and smash through their Plascrete and close the game out.

  • Targetted Marketing- Wow is this card great for this deck. 10 Credits is the PERFECT amount, because it means you can hard rez a Hadrian's which means you have a (likely) 7-credit taxing barrier that can be liquidated back into 10 credits if ever the need should arise. It didn't require an OAI, waiting a turn, hoping they don't derez it, etc. Don't play this first turn. Once you have enough ice out that the runner needs to start playing cards, play it. 3rd round of swiss in the tournament I just won, a runner overdrew with Professional Contacts early on in the round, digging for another breaker or tutor after I used a Power Shutdown to trash his SMC 3rd turn. After overdrawing, he discarded Ghost Runner (he was playing Chaos Theory) so on my turn (with 2 Enigmas guarding R&D and HQ) I played Targetted Marketing and named Refractor. 3 turns later he had no choice but to play the Refractor and give me the 10 credits. Once again, it only has to work once, and then it's 1 click for 10 credits. I'll take it. Alternate things to name: Emergency Shutdown, Inside Job, Same Old Thing, Test Run, Clone Chip. You are a program trashing machine, so recursion cards are an easy one to name. Your big credit-generating barriers are vulnerable to Emergency Shutdown, so that is another strong card to name if playing against a Criminal. Sneakdoor/Inside Job to HQ and then play Emergency Shutdown on the Hadrian's I have on HQ. That's conservatively 2 clicks and 2 cards to deny me 10 credits, and in doing so, you give me 10 credits. I would like to find space for more of these because drawing it late game (happened once during tournament) means it serves little use.

Possible Changes:

  • Targetted Marketing did great work, and 10 credits synergizes so well with your bread-and-butter 'economy' card: Hadrian's Wall. Unsure of the direction to take the deck in, considering influence constraints, though. I could go for a three-of by cutting Information Overload, but with Atlas, Information Overload does SO much work when the Midseason lands. Will continue to play test, but running a 1-of for 1 influence is really not bad as-is. It's nice when I draw it, and almost always useful, except at match point, and even then, sometimes useful when the economic battle is neck-and-neck and you are both at match point. If you've been controlling their board state through Power Shutdown and Destroyers you should be able to think of something to name that the runner will need, which will give you the 10 you need to rez the Hadrian's guarding your agendas, wherever they are.

  • I could not believe the power of Midseason Replacements in this deck. Any of you familiar with previous Keystone Variants using GRNDL know that I'm a huge advocate for a single Biotic labor in Weyland rush decks, but wow, the consistency that a second Midseason would bring to the table would be devastating to a runner. Conversely, though, having 2 dead draws at match point taking up 8 influence is less than optimal and funnels you into an early game kill-or-be-killed strategy, which is not what this deck is about. Instead of running 1 SEA and 1 Midseason, running 2 Posted Bounty along with a single Biotic gives me more options, options that do not depend on having more money than the runner through a trace like both SEA and Midseason do, and more importantly, can spring a Scorch at you from seemingly nowhere using a power card like Biotic Labor that as it stands now is only used to fast-advance agendas. The utility of Biotic Labor is simply unmatched in this deck when you considering, for all intents and purposes, that money is no object.

  • Elizabeth Mills made very little impact, other than a couple of runners in the tournament saying "Wow, that's a pretty awesome interaction" to me as I melted away 2 Bad Pub from a Geothermal Fracking I had scored earlier and taken the 14 from. As with all previous Keystone variants, bad pub did not matter. The idea was, you can have bad pub, you won't have anything to spend it on in your runs because you don't have the right breakers, because I keep trashing them. When a server costs 12 to get through, making it cost 10 instead does not matter, when Midseason and Reversed Accounts are online. This deck is so so potent, Bad Pub is inconsequential, because a mistake still means your death or me scoring out, regardless of the adorable 3 credits you'll have for this run. At no point in the tournament did I have more than 3 bad pub, and 3 in only 1 game, the rest of the games, 2. This will definitely be cut, but for what, I am unsure. I really enjoyed the power of Taurus, so I may consider a second one in place of E.M.

  • On Geothermal Fracking vs. Corporate War: The synergy of Corporate War is undeniably great with Blue Sun, and in a more Glacier-centric deck, I feel it is a better fit than Geothermal Fracking. However, Corporate War can require you to bounce a piece of ice at the beginning of the turn you score it out to get its credit benefit. Granted, so what, because you get 7 credits for FREE and don't have to spend any additional clicks. However, for this deck Geothermal is better. You do not gain the clickless 7 credits, but instead you have access to fourteen credits at the cost of two clicks; fourteen credits that cannot be taken from you by any card currently in print. They cannot be Siphoned from you, they cannot be taken from you when you spend 10 of your last 15 credits on a Hadrian's the following turn on HQ as your criminal opponent Siphons you to force a rez, and then Emergency Shutdowns the ice. Geothermal is a recovery tool. It gaps you over from Atlas to Atlas, it gives you back the money that is being deprived of you as your Shaper opponent tutors for a D4v1d and breakers the OAI Hadrian's, or your criminal opponent Inside Job/Emergency Shutdowns it. With Midseason in hand and Geothermal Fracking scored, they need to have (let's throw a number out) 14 credits more credits than you when they take an agenda from you, something that is borderline inconceivable, since you could bounce a piece of ice, pull 2 Geothermal tokens (being ridiculous here for the purpose of driving home a point), and Midseason last click as you have (15, 20) more credits than them. The credit swings are just so strong for this deck when using Geothermal Fracking; once again, the money from Fracking is 'safe', stored 'offshore' until it is needed. With those tokens you always have the money for a 10-str 3-subroutine barrier in a pinch.

  • Using 3 Enigmas as the only code gate in the deck was a great idea, and really the only sensible one. Quandary dies instantly to parasite, so with it out of the picture, it's also the obvious choice. I used these to great effect during the tournament, rezzing the same Enigma on a different server each time against a whole variety of different runners at least 3 times per game, which is almost a whole turn lost through the course of the early-to-mid-game stretch. Getting it early is incredible when you have so much program destruction; while Gordian Blade is not feasible to Power Shutdown, it costs 4, and with Grim and Archer (and Taurus) floating around, all unrezzed, the Faerie or Clone Chip you play to protect it will be hit with a Power Shutdown, or a rezzed Taurus/Grim to force you to use it, so that the Gordian Blade doesn't stick around for too long. At a cost of 4, it provides a nice tempo hit for you to work with. Other popular code gate breakers being Yog, which is dealt with the same way (out of faction anyway) or Passport, easy to Shutdown at a cost of 1. With Corroder still being very popular (for now anyway, Blue Sun's presence might change that), it's actually not a high-priority target for Power Shutdowns (although I won't pass an opportunity if it presents itself) because Corroder equals 10 - 12 credit runs, and the Faerie/SMC/Passport/Clone Chip that is played along-side it is an obvious target to keep the Enigmas doing work.

  • Hades Fragment is such a strong ability, but like I touched on at the outset of this article, 3-pointers are SO hard to score as Weyland. You really can't afford 2 full turns of advancing in this style of deck without bouncing/shuffling/installing ice to keep the threat present. A single 3-pointer is necessary to get the agenda points up to the 20-21 level, so I thought, hey, this is perfect. Scoring this puts OAI, Biotic, Power Shutdown, Reversed Accounts, Hedge Funds, trashed Hadrian's/Curtains, all kinds of good things back into R&D and ready for Atlas to come get them, or for me to Jackson shuffle them and try to draw them. In practice though, it's a cute idea, but I would rather go all-in on a single copy of The Cleaners. Pri-Req might seem an obvious choice, but I don't want a 3-pointer that I have to hold while I get a piece of ice set up that I can score to rez, while having enough economy and board state that if I DON'T Pri-Req rez it, I'm still ahead. The Cleaners means a triple Scorch is a Flatline through 2 Plascretes. THAT seems like the kind of 3-pointer that would fit this deck. Not something I need, but if I score it, it's always on. In a deck where money is not terribly hard to come by, that uses Midseasons to stick the tags, this seems like the way to go, if any. If I don't draw it, whatever. If it gets scored, fine. If I think I have an opportunity to score it, sure, I'll go for it, because I'll know whether or not my board state will allow me to recover in the event it gets stolen.

  • Weaknesses: De-rez effects, cards that efficiently break large ice (Knight, Breach, D4v1D). I do not foresee "Lady" Cerberus H1 being an issue; at 4 cost and only 3 strength, with 4 uses to it, a Curtain wall is 4 (installed) + 7 (boost) and 3 counters to break, for a total of 11. Spend 11 to keep me from getting 14? No problem. The 4 strength also means on-the-board recursion (Clone Chip) are easy targets for Power Shutdown; although Scavenge and Test Run would take some thought to play around.

  • Breach is very cost-effective, and great for denial of credits from OAI, but is not played often. Adding a single Breach to your deck is a strong option for a Blue Sun matchup. This will mean the battle will be over control of sentry breakers through Grim/Archer/Power Shutdown, or installed a Hadrian's in front of a Curtain wall on HQ, then OAI'ing the Curtain wall, to force an Inside Job or to force the large credit expenditure to break Hadrian's AND Curtain Wall. This leaves your archives vulnerable (likely) to a Sneakdoor/E.Shutdown combo, but this will be inevitable against any criminal matchup; You have to be sure you have enough economy in your credit pool or on the board to be able to bounce back from a de-rez effect.

  • I had D4v1D recursion used against me to great effect during second round swiss by Exile, who would go out of his way to recur D4v1D and run through my OAI'ed ice to control my economy. I had not anticipated this weakness until it happened, and the first Curtain Wall he trashed with a D4v1D was a real shot to the gut. Knowing Exile tricks, I played a slow econ game while aggressively Jackson-digging for Power Shutdowns and Hedge Funds, and trashed his Clone Chips after he used SMC for D4v1D, which he used Scavenge on to replenish the power counters of. This kept him from easy access to his Opus, since his tutors were being trashed/used to recurr D4v1D. Regardless, this is a card to be aware of, and is certainly the Anarch 'silver bullet' answer to how to pressure a corp with monstrous ice while having between 4 and 8 credits all game, since you're Anarch.

Blue Sun lets Weyland do something they've desperately needed to do for a LONG time: Force a runner to run against them. A smart runner would just econ up and poke your servers, and it turned the Scorch off, and they finally draw Plascretes, or clear Kati for 18, and now you're hopeless. OAI in Blue Sun means you can say, "Come steal from me. I'll kill you. If you don't run against me, I'll gain 14 credits at the beginning of my next turn. Then you'll have a BIGGER problem. Or you can risk me holding the kill combo and run through the OAI ice to deny the credits and then jack out; That turns on Power Shutdown (which requires a run but not a successful run) which I'll use to punish you for stopping me from gaining my credits." I've been playing Weyland a long time, and just like many other Weyland players, I saw the problems in the play style. HB did everything Weyland did, but better, just by being HB and splashing Weyland Cards (Punitive Flatlines are so much better when your ice is enormously taxing and you play a ton of 3 pointers, GRNDL Refinery is not something you 'need' in HB but is a powerful economy card/run instigator, Power Shutdowns are great because HB has some of the best recursion cards in faction) and so even strong and dedicated Weyland players were running out of reasons to keep playing Weyland. Blue Sun is the reason to come back. The unparalleled versatility, the ACTUAL threat of a flatline and not just "they played 2 Plascretes, the game is over because I haven't been drawing while I hold a SEA Source and 3 Scorches", the incredible credit disparities you can force the runner into...

All the pieces of the puzzle are there now, fellow Weyland Players. Time to pick yourself back up by your bootstraps and bring some representation back into your local meta. Give runners a reason to run those awesome-looking Plascrete alt-arts again.

26 Oct 2014 Dothanite

Where do we look at the breakdown? I don't see any link.

26 Oct 2014 sdxbbs

winning decklist ? wich tournament ?

26 Oct 2014 Boduse

Yea, where dem deets at

26 Oct 2014 thebriarfox

Looks like a tricksey burn capable supermodernism.

26 Oct 2014 PaxCecilia

Yes! I've been waiting to see your newest Keystone. This looks like a HUGE improvement upon the original.

26 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Update: Spent 2 hours writing a MASSIVE explanation of this deck, unfortunately it's too long for me to post to Reddit :P Currently looking for a place to post the article and will link it here ASAP.

26 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Second Update: Screw it, posted it here, will just link Reddit/Stimhack/BGG to here. If anyone is interested in a write-up of the tournament rounds I can get that out as well.

26 Oct 2014 thebriarfox

Gold Star for that shit.

I can't wait to make people soil themselves with this.

Feel free to tack up the round by round breakdown whenever you can. I'd love to see what you experienced.

27 Oct 2014 moistloaf

Bravo. That's all I can muster. Been playing Uncorrodable for a long time; always had Keystone bookmarked but never tried it. I definitely have to try this list, even if it's just on OCTGN.

27 Oct 2014 BTrain

Your early versions of Keystone changed my thinking about Weyland. And now you've done it again. I'm sleeving this up in place of 1.3 and trying the new hotness this week. Keep up the fantastic work.

27 Oct 2014 trustworthym

This is dope, good work.

27 Oct 2014 Ulkrond

Original Weyland player here. I never left Weyland so no "picking-up-with-bootstraps" for me. But definitely a great explanation of your deck and strategies.

27 Oct 2014 Wolf88

Nice write up, I'll be trying this deck. Just a small caveat, Lady is better than you think since every counter breaks 2 subroutines. So while it's still quite inefficient against Curtain Wall (spending 2 tokens and not 3 as you wrote) it's good against Hadrian's

27 Oct 2014 BlueSwan

DAT write-up! Props for that. Must have taken ages. Deck looks cool. Will give it a spin.

27 Oct 2014 aermet69

Awesome writeup. I wish there were more like this. On top, lots of inspiration for my W:BWBI deck, that runs on the same 'theme'. Thanks!

27 Oct 2014 Diegofsv

Awesome. Thats the kind of deck that I was looking for.

27 Oct 2014 Kroen

Why no Hive? seems like the perfect ICE for Blue Sun, as once it loses its potency you can bounce it to get your money back.

27 Oct 2014 Dydra

this deck is crap .... Midseason and Scorch in Weyland was played by one of my first opponents 1 year ago .... a really good deck, skilled player, but just nothing original..


Let me tell you son, you could do the same with the transaction ID and whatnot melange for 2 turns etc. .... yes it's not the same, but Weyland have always been capable of earning money


27 Oct 2014 trustworthym

@Dydra lmao dydra why you gotta be such a hater dawg

27 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

I bet someone in this thread thinks Account Siphon is OP

27 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@Dydra gonna stand my ground here I'm afraid. I don't want to make assumptions but your defense makes it sound like you are a newer or casual player, which is fine; "Weyland gets money so who cares" is not an argument because we are not in fourth grade and this is not Twitter. We can expound, something you attempted to do, which I read, while it is clear you did not read what I expounded on. Two uses of Melange will give you fourteen credits, I can't deny that. It also costs you SEVEN CLICKS. And during the 2 full runner turns that it is sitting in your remote, it has to be protected. A barrier is not enough. Two pieces of ice probably. So go ahead and protect your centrals, protect your Melange, and set up a scoring server, without getting agenda flooded (another server for Jackson I guess?) and see if the runner doesn't legwork you for a win while you sit idle for two turns making 14 credits 'apparently' uncontested. Blue Sun can wait for you to steal an agenda, bounce ice the next turn and hit you with the Midseason.

You know the surface of Weyland, credits and Scorch. You're not fit to give advice. Kindly retreat to whatever /b/ thread you came here from.

27 Oct 2014 BTrain


28 Oct 2014 Ghandian

@ItJustGotRielle any thoughts/musings on how to play this against stealth-based rigs?

28 Oct 2014 BTrain

@GhandianI played this against a stealth Kit tonight and it's certainly doable. The earlier they start getting set up, the more you need to use your Power Shutdowns to slow them down while you build up a credit bank. Even if you delay them just a turn, that can enough, because your goal is to set up a server at least 3 deep with big ice, namely your Hadrian's/Curtain Walls/Archers. Be smart about how you Oversight big ice. I made the mistake of being too bold and dropping a naked OAI'ed Curtain Wall turn one. Kit's turn: Click 1 Refractor, click 2 Ghost Runner, Click 3 bye bye Curtain Wall. Would this have been easier to pull off against Kate perhaps? Sure. Would it also have been better to play a little more patiently? Absolutely. The game was an uphill battle from the get-go and I never got an economic head of steam going. It didn't help that my next turn Power Shutdown for 1 cost me a Hostile, but the point is smart and patient play is how you outmaneuver a stealth build.

I'm also looking at a few changes that I think could help. The Midseasons/Information Overload combo feels too situational to justify spending 6 influence. I can definitely see the advantages, but I think I'll be falling back to SEA Source (which doesn't require an agenda steal, meaning it can still fire on game point if they whiff) and adding in 2x Aggressive Secretary. It's a debate between that and Cerebral Overwriter (which could make the scorch kill easier, especially if Cleaners is on the table), but AggSec feels more at home in Weyland. Once All That Remains is out though, those 4 points of influence will be spent instead on Saggitarius. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

28 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@BTrain @Ghandian BTrain nailed it; I played against a CT stealth deck in the 2nd swiss round of this tournament, and from the get-go I steamed ahead, because the runners first turn was to install ProCo and start drawing like crazy for several turns afterwards. Taurus did huge work for me in this one, I kept swapping a Taurus and Enigma with various other pieces/positions on the board to make him lose hardware and clicks. If they get the cloak and dagger out first, aim to shutdown Cloaks. That's the main goal, and an easy target. Once Lockpick hits the table Shutdowns are basically hopeless, he eventually had 2 cloaks, a clone chip, and 2 lock picks, but stealth fracters are not great for an all stealth deck that doesn't have a strong economy, so he was running Corroder. I played the credit game hiding behind big walls and Jackson cycling OAIs until the remote and R&D were 3 deep with Hadrian's/Curtains/Archers and then started scoring out.

Just remember to respect how good Refractor is, as mentioned. Don't be too flagrant with your OAIs too early before you know what they're capable of.

28 Oct 2014 Kroen
  1. Why Hades Fragment over The Cleaners?
  2. Again, why no Hive?
28 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@Kroen I actually intend to try The Cleaners as my 3 pointer when I head back to our Wednesday night meetup. As for Hive, many many people are suggesting it, and I'll admit it's a great idea, but I'm not sure how to fit it. My cheap binary ice are there for the purpose of "go find and play your breaker so I can Power Shutdown it". I'm dropping Elizabeth Mills in favor of a second Grim I think, and I'm considering what to drop Information Overload for.

28 Oct 2014 Kroen

Have you considered -1 Information Overload -1 Targeted Marketing -1 Reversed Accounts for a +1 Midseason? it'll also buy you 2 card slots for that +1 Grim without the the -1 Mills and possibly also +1 Taurus. Just a thought.

28 Oct 2014 Ulkrond

" I could go for a three-of (Targeted Marketing) by cutting Information Overload, but with Atlas, Information Overload does SO much work when the Midseason lands."

28 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

I'm thinking this Wednesday I'll experiment with a 2nd midseason instead of Biotic. I'll lose utility but the chance for me to punish early aggression may be worth it. The Information Overload I like, honestly; I picked it because it has an on-encounter trace for a tag. With my mountain of credits I imagined a last click run ending in a tag; that never did happen, although I did empty a runners bank during a tournament when he hit one-post Midseason with a Femme out. Unfortunately 2 Midseason and 2 Information Overload leaves 3 influence for Jackson and that's IT, so I might just need to accept that it's not the best use of influence. The only trap I'm interested in running is Reversed Accounts- it stays on the table and always matters, otherwise the runner pulls out tricks to get it, and it even has a solid trash cost. For one influence in a corp where money = power that is just too good to pass up.

Working atm but the only things I can think of would be archives recursion, but a single of one of those would be pointless in a deck with potential for Atlas counters. Taking out IO for a Sea Source is also a consideration. I'll collect my thoughts tonight and post my pre-game-night changes, and let you know how it does.

28 Oct 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Edit: I should state, in light of skeptics, that I landed a midseason 3 out of 4 games in this tournament. Biotic a naked Atlas, token for it; or draw the Midseason itself.

28 Oct 2014 Ravengm

Favoiting this for the sheer detail of the description. Nice writeup!

29 Oct 2014 Rodge

Great writeup and definitely an idea that I'll give a try!

2 Nov 2014 voltorocks

Longtime Weyland junkie here, and I have to say, I had serious doubts about this deck. There were so many changes I wanted to make right off the bat, but I decided to just load it up and play some games before tweaking.


I really, really like this deck; I think a lot of the ideas you have in here should be considered standard for blue sun.

The first thing that bothered me was all the one-ofs. That is often a sign of trouble--that the deck was built with a perfect draw in mind and isn't reliable. This couldn't be further from the truth. Rather than using Atlas markers as a crutch for poor deck design, this deck uses them as a springboard to continuously increase the tempo and pressure by pulling extremely powerful one-off cards like biotic, midseasons, or info overload (in addition to classics like scorch, HT, etc.)

Liz Mills is an unsung hero (in your write up at least) in this deck as blue sun allows you to easily spam her to clear BP if need be (it's definitely saved my buttat least once so far). I've also always thought her trash ability was pretty solid, but with the option to recur her rez ability it's finally worth it to give her a slot.

Just, so many cards that seem so bad on their own, but combine to make this surprisingly boss stew of nastiness

3 Nov 2014 Diegofsv

@voltorocks just like me....I was thinking about changing a lot of stuff but this deck is pretty much awesome. The only change I made was I removed Target Marketing for another Reversed Accounts and I removed an Ice Wall for a Hive. I'm not that happy with information overload too, so I may exchange it too.

3 Nov 2014 JohnnyMilton

I love the rationale for how this deck came to be.

3 Nov 2014 voltorocks

@Diegofsv Targeted marketing is probably the weakest card in the deck; I've triggered it a couple times, but even then it hasn't really been game changing.

info overload seems weak, but the key is to withhold rezing it until you land a huge midseasons. twice so far I have cleared their board with this one ICE. I'm honestly considering dropping Targeted Marketing and Reversed Accounts to get another info overload.

people see 14 tags and figure psychographics or scorch are the worst that can happen, so they try to hurry up and win... one run later they're spending all 8 credits in their bank and still trashing six cards.

3 Nov 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@voltorocks thanks for the comments! Personally made a few changes also; some that I liked, some that I didn't. Targeted Marketing is now a Rototurret, because D4v1d had too much flexibility- all my destroyers are 5+ str, and you see it used in Anarch (where Shutdown is nearly impossible) or in Shaper where you have to go through Clone Chip/Mem Chip/SMC/Corroder/Datasucker before you can hit the D4v1d. It is a well-designed card that I think should be seriously considered when playing this deck.

I dropped Mills for another Taurus, this is a change I did not like. I wanted the deck to be less "Jack of all trades" and more "you know what will happen if you run against me", but Taurus can be a money sink rather quickly, and just because you CAN trash hardware doesn't mean it's the best use of the(effectively) 3 credits and click. Example, hit a ppvp Kate twice with Taurus, trashing two clone chips and a single voicepad, and hitting an SMC with Shutdown; it didn't stop him from dropping a 2 str atman, playing maker's eye for 4 points, and 2 turns later SoTing it again for the win. The only problem I have with the deck is one of consistency of draw regarding impactful ice, so I may drop an Archer to add another low cost ETR like Guard.

3 Nov 2014 voltorocks

hmm! I haven't run into any D4v1ds yet, but I can see the appeal of the rototurret. also a great trick to have against atman decks if they don't have a str 0 atman out. also would be nice against switchblade to help eat up stealth tokens!

ok, I'm convinced!

personally I'm thinking of thinning out the barriers a bit and trying to fit in some extra CG and sentry. Quetzal has been running rampant in my meta, and it's tough to look at a curtain wall you can afford to rez and be like "2 credit tax there"

3 Nov 2014 4dd150n

This might be overly complimentary, but I feel like finding your decks on this site is a turning point for any new Netrunner player. Thanks for all the great information.

4 Nov 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@Addison Wow man thanks, what a sincere compliment! There are many players better than me out there; I'm just doing what I can to contribute to the growth of the ANR community.

9 Nov 2014 Orbital Tangent

I love your ICE suite in the deck and your solid explanation of how to properly use Atlas as a straight up boss. Said ICE suite has been stolen and tweaked for some variant decks I'm testing, which are all pretty much based on this wonderful deck.

Have you tried The Root instead of Mills? It seems to be a pretty solid card in Blue Sun, and due to the ID ability you're never really out the cost. Also, do you tend to miss the Restructure play set most Blue Sun seems to be running?

23 Nov 2014 jawohl

any changes proved to be successful? // thanks for the perfect description :) dat was a good read!

23 Nov 2014 Orbital Tangent

I found great success in these changes: -Elizabeth Mills, +1 Will-o-the-Wisp, -1 Archer, +1 Curtain Wall. I like the extra program denial and increased certainty of getting Curtain Wall + OAI.

I tried The Root, but it is one of those things that requires just the right conditions to work well, and this deck isn't built to provide them. Restructure is also not really needed since there are lots of things getting you cash the deck. They just don't add enough benefit to justify slots.

I haven't got Targeted Marketing or Reversed to fire at all in any of my games, so I'm thinking of dumping them for Ichi 1.0 and another Wisp. I need more games to see if that is the right call.

23 Nov 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@jawohl @Orbital Tangent I've swapped it around quite a bit actually; through aggressive play (or perhaps through increasing in skill as a player) I have found I no longer need Biotic Labor (in a current world of runners everywhere post-worlds favoring disposable breakers). My current splash is Midseason x1, Adonis x2, Archived Memories x2, Jackson x3, Rototurret x1, Swordsman x1. Rototurret is necessary in my opinion because it's the only destroyer the deck has that can't be run through with a D4v1d, which everyone wants to drop to run through Curtain Walls- although now, Lady is making dependency on Curtain Wall cycling even more unreliable and dangerous. For a store tournament today I added a Lycan, and it did its share of work! The 6 cost is big but not 'too' big, and a 3-strength sentry/destroyer is good for baiting Faeries and Sharpshooters. With 3 Enigmas as the only code gate, I wanted to capitalize more on punishing runners who play Faerie and Corroder and start face checking, so I also added a Wendigo x1, that plus the ability to advance Lycan to make them find a decoder when it's clearly sitting in front of an Archer they can break on a remote is awesome, and made game-state-changing plays against two different opponents today. Hadrian's are dropped, 2 Hive added for a couple weeks now but I'm still not sold on them, considering bumping them down to Wall of Static just to increase turn 1/2 stopping power and add some consistency to early game. Was running 1 Interns to use clicks 2/3 after a click 1 Power Shutdown to recover an agenda into my scoring remote but the timing is so iffy and infrequent, so I'm almost certainly about to drop that in favor of a Snatch and Grab. This deck loses HARD to a turn 1 Kati rig builder. I call it 'starting the clock', in other words I have about 15 turns to get to match point or be able to threaten tags to trash Kati or I won't be able to stop them. Snatch and grab is fantastic, while a mediocre card in many decks, this aggressive high-operation deck is a perfect home for it I think. Also considering fitting a 1-of Will'o'the'Wisp like you mentioned @Orbital Tangent but at 4 credits to use it that are guaranteed non-refundable, combined with an easy trash cost if grabbed from R&D, I think I'm still deciding against it, even though Overmind e3 decks (a player from my meta made an awesome deck, Meeting of the Minds, doing that with Quetzal) run all over this deck unless I get good draws.

Overall, still unreliable, but MUCH less variance that what I saw in this version. I will shortly post v2.1 to keep you guys updated with the changes (maybe 10-12 cards different now) and let you know what worked/didn't work and why soon. Thanks for the great comments! :)

23 Nov 2014 Orbital Tangent

I like Swordsman and Rototurret in the new influence spread, but I will point out that Ichi 1.0 sneaks under D4v1D. After playing with my near copy of the deck, I will say I don't like the idea of dropping Biotic although Archived Memories sounds good. Not sold on Lycan or Wendigo, but I love the Changeling morphing ICE. Snatch seems interesting. Wisp does do work, dude. It doesn't refund, but it IS a safe Shutdown #4.

29 Nov 2014 stoppableforce

My current splash is Midseason x1, Adonis x2, Archived Memories x2, Jackson x3, Rototurret x1, Swordsman x1

Wait, what?

  • 1x Midseason - 4
  • 2x Adonis - 4
  • 2x Archived Memories - 4
  • 3x Jackson - 3
  • 1x Rototurret - 1
  • 1x Swordsman - 1

4+4+4+3+1+1 = 17. I'm guessing it's actually 1x Adonis or 1x Archived?

1 Dec 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Whoops, typo! It is in fact ONE Archived Memories! Sorry about that :(

1 Dec 2014 stoppableforce

Thanks for the confirmation. Looking forward to seeing your updated list; I've been playing this more or less since you posted it, and it's gotten me firmly back into Weyland. I feel like the deck sometimes had a pretty rocky early game depending on draw, like the one where I managed to draw anything BUT money for the first five turns, including 11 of the 17 ice.

17 Dec 2014 king_mob

New player here, and I've been trying to shoe-horn the kind of deck i want to play into GRNDL for a while, it wasn't until i read this list that i realized what was going wrong with those experiments. ItJustGotRielle - your a pro, thanks for the list and thanks even more for the write up, the explanation you gave had so much depth, it in itself was a lesson in competitive corp tactics. I'm putting together test lists now with Blue Sun (picked it up last night) and its making all the janky, hard to pilot tactics i have in mind all of sudden easy to deploy. Thanks again for passing on the wisdom!

One question, Weyland general rather than keystone specific, playing without scorch - heresy or not a problem? I'm more interested in card combinations that strip the runner of everything they build up in the mid game, then scoring as the dust settles, rather than Flatlining to the win. Is this a newbie error? Am i missing an integral part of any Weyland deck by going down this route?

17 Dec 2014 voltorocks

@holding I don't think it's heresy at all. it is one of the strongest cards in the game, but it is by no means a guaranteed strategy, and it takes quite a few cardslots (and influence, usually) to pull off.

One of Weyland's biggest strengths I think is the ability to run multiple-threats: rush, glacier, even FA or traps, and scorch is just one of them. Because they have so much utility and cash in-faction, they can usually easily splash for a variety of different tools (see also: Keystone; Supermodernism). Just because they can, though, doesn't mean every deck should.

TLDR: If you think you can get more out of your card-slots and influence, I say go for it. if you've got 4 slots and 2 influence just sitting around, then suck it up, sleeve it in, and enjoy watching runners cringe.

17 Dec 2014 king_mob

Thanks voltorocks! Yeah i was trying to wrangle legitimate tag methods in to supplement Information Overload but it was just diluting the primary aim of deck, although i may leave 1 scorch in just to give the impression that it could be incoming.

20 Dec 2014 ItJustGotRielle

A deck like this one plays well into "dirty tactics" like huge amounts of bad pub (credits can't be used for Sea Source/Midseason) and power shutdown because of the threat of Scorch. I shutdown your Corroder, and have an unrezzed Taurus on Archives. The obvious answer is to run Archives to see if I lost an agenda, but I have fifteen more credits than you and have not been drawing, with a 5 card hand. The power of Weyland is in Scorch. Scorch is the only thing Weyland has that corps spend 12 of their influence on; it is a special thing to have it for only 3 card space.

Personally I have never built a Weyland deck without Scorches. Weyland's current agenda suite just doesn't support Glacier like HB's ABT/Wotan or Jinteki's Nisei MKII. You have to play the Corp for what it's good at, and Weyland is about powering forward under threat of what you have in your hand. It takes weeks or months of practice to get to a point of being able to keep pace with a strong player running against you while still being able to threaten a Scorch flatline, but it's very rewarding. I just cannot see a Weyland deck (pre-O&C) without a Plan B flatline condition being able to do ANYTHING better than other corps.

Just remember to be balanced; destroying a runner's rig doesn't win you the game, scoring and scorch do. I build my decks using a tier system. I lay them out in front of me with tier one cards at the top; agenda suite, variety of core ice (make sure an Atman 4 or Parasite can't neuter fifty percent of your ice), core economy cards. This pile tells you what to put in your deck because these are the cards you win with. Lots of money quick through agendas at the risk of bad pub? How do I mitigate bad pub? Trashing their programs, so it doesn't matter. Now what do I do with my pile of money? Use it to win a trace and threaten flatline. How would a runner respond? Plascrete and stockpiling econ. So I need Shattered Remains or Taurus. I opted for Taurus because in Blue Sun it only"costs" 3 credits to trash 2 hardware (Clone Chip, Plascrete, Interfaces, Consoles are what you're searching for here). What if they stockpile econ? Reversed Accounts. So second tier pile supports first tier pile. Now you have between35 and 40 cards sitting out, and MOST importantly, you have two lines of play in mind. The remainder of your cards need to support those two avenues; lots of just in case cards just water your deck down. If 10 of your cards trash the runner's rig you will draw one. If you have have 3 BUT you have 2 interns in case you Shutdown an Archer or agenda AND you have GRNDL Refinery in case you need money AND if you're going to play advanceable traps an Aggressive Secretary would be good too, to keep them guessing! can get carried away quick :P

I personally recommend playing Scorch, it makes you a better player significantly and teaches you about tempo, about committing to Scorch too early, about how to manipulate the fear of a flatline to your favor. Cheers!

21 Dec 2014 king_mob

Holy shit, Rielle just dropped the wisdom. Again. This is gold dust, thanks man!

23 Dec 2014 BobAloVskI

I must say I am loving the program destruction in this deck. Snatch and Grab for Kati has helped me a few times but Power Shutdown is a real winner (including one on a Scheherazade with an Imp, Datasucker, Darwin and Cache on it).

I've heard big rigs argue they get more money with Oversighting their big ICE more consistently but I am finding I have more money with the Hostiles and Geothermals and when you can destroy their rig they cannot really run so you do not need to rez as much ICE saving you even more money (and negating the Bad Pub).

Another surprise winner for me was Posted bounty. The runner Imp'd my SEA Source (I included instead of Midseasons) so was careful running but then I installed it and double advanced one turn, the next I scored and double Scorched.

This deck is really strong. Most of the times I have lost are due to me not making the right plays but I am learning how to play it and Weyland more and more.

@ItJustGotRielle Thanks for the time you put into the write up! It was really helpful and very interesting to read.