Ark Sportsmetal (2nd at Australian Nats 2022)

Vale 104

Cahuita's Sportsmetal from American Continentals was the starting point for this list, so a shout out is due. I had played Sportsmetal in my three previous events, but hadn't been in love with it. I had no idea what else to play Corp-side, so gave this a go anyway.

Audacity Sportsmetal running two copies of Ark Lockdown in an attempt to lose fewer games to Simulchip Clot out of Lat. The Ark Lockdowns only came up a few times over the course of the weekend, but were only once the difference between a win and a loss, RFGing a Black Orchestra while the other copy was on the bottom of the runners deck.

Thanks very much to everyone in the Drop Bear Lair who helped me get reps and testing games in ahead of the event, including top cut competitor bing005. Congratulations to chaosjuggler for winning the event with an undefeated record, you were an unassailable opponent all weekend long.

5 Sep 2022 anarchomushroom

Top cut worlds, top 2 nats, we're entering the era of Vale dominance. Congrats!

7 Sep 2022 bing005

Congrats mate!