Faultless Defense

Whiteblade111 2317


Me after winning another 25 turn game

This is the deck Will (sokka) and I played in two different tournaments this weekend. Will got 2nd at the AMT on friday and I won the Seattle CO with this. It is not my deck, Will did all the deckbuilding, I simply asked to play and publish and he said yes.

We're standard Acme glacier. Will basically pitched me the deck on this: Post ban list and with new cards Acme got stealth buffed in a few ways. Post truth means we can now run a much more robust scoring plan, running 2x 2/1's and 6 5/3's. Non equivilant exchange is also a great pickup for the deck, allowing us to threaten Hydra from turn 1.

Some specific cards and why they're in here:

HHN/Market Forces:

This is basically a way for us to keep the runner tagged, or hunt specific resources like a Bankar. Also sends people into a panic when they don't know the list. Market forces is to punish people who eat data ward tags for breakfest.


This is very flexible. It recurs ice when they get sabotaged by Esa, daily quests, bio vaults and can rip trojans off of ice by restoring a magnet.


Thoth may look odd, but it's a nice ice to have for tag punishment, and allows us to create a server that is Thoth - Data Ward. The inner data ward will be turned on from the on encounter ability of Thoth.

Yes my main is Giovanna no I will not apologize

24 May 2023 exzo777

Hey, I'm going to Single-side Swis tournnament with similar ACME and my concern as new participant is a time limit of 35 minutes for game. I was awared that the deck doesn't build around tournaments, because it doesn't have time to setup and score. Is it reall issue?

24 May 2023 Blackwing

Why Thoth over Funhouse(s)?

24 May 2023 CritHitd20

Thoth offers an unconditional tax on the runner while still serving the purpose of affecting value of ice behind it, which makes it more powerful than Funhouse for the purposes of this deck.

1 Jun 2023 percomis

Surprised to not see any NGO in a deck that wants to IAA often into an hellish remote.