Come on and Slam - top 32 UK nats

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This is the corp I took to UK nationals. I was feeling kinda crap about the meta so I just took decks I enjoyed and this deck ended up performing incredibly well. I think I went 6-1 with it if I remember correctly with my runner pirate Hayley only managing like 2-4 and a draw.

This is my attempt to relive one of my favourite ever corp archetypes, jammy HB. Its a pretty flexible deck with a few angles of attack, but your general strategy is go fast and have biotic to let you close out games at the end.

Rushing out a remote enforcement is one of the big threats you have in this deck. If you can gearcheck them out and then grab a tollbooth and start jamming behind it you are in a great position. Arella is an absolute superstar in this deck and I think its worth playing the full 3 copies.

With an active arella you basically half the number of turns it takes to score out and the fact it costs 5 to trash means you arent even too unhappy if they do that. Often if I dont have an agenda in hand, I will draw off the sportsmetal ability to try and find an agenda to install with her, which is a pretty sweet interaction. Of course you can always install and NGO or rashida with her which can sometimes bait runs and keep the runner unsure if its worth running the remote.

Jeeves was great in this deck. Most of the time I just left it undefended and dared my opponent to pay 5 to trash it. against val I would often shove a gercheck over it to try and keep it alive a bit longer. It allows you to never advance 4/2s, biotic out 4/2s, and just generally give you a lot of tempo and efficiency throughout the game.

The ice in the deck is maybe a little questionable. I like the single tollbooth because I couldnt really think of an ice I would rather remote enforce out (without being rubbish to hard rez). Im only playing 1 surveyor because its not actually a great rush ice. Its another nice target for remote enforcement though once you have established a few ice on the remote. IP block was okay. Its good against turtle which can wreck this deck pretty hard but its not a great rush ice so might not have been the best choice.

I think this deck is actually pretty well positioned against anarch (as well as anything is with CV about). I certainly had a lot of games which came right down to the wire, and required R&D to be very kind to me. I do like how biotic gives you a way to squeek out wins at the end.

The MWL is a bit of a double edged sword for this deck. Zer0 going is obviously great, and freeing up FC3 gives you the option to play GFI. The main issue though is that I think that shaper is going to be quite popular with clone chip released which I think this deck is horrible against. Basically between shaper bullshit and clot lock I dont think there is any way for you to score once they get to the late game.

Overall though Im happy that the deck that did well for me was the once that I built myself. This was not an optimised beast but a deck that played very much to my prefered playstyle and it was an absolute blast to play.

27 Aug 2018 beyoken


27 Aug 2018 EnderA

Probably more popular than Shaper BS, MaxX with CC+Clot could be a problem.

29 Aug 2018 Rahrhino

I can't believe you've gone...

29 Aug 2018 Tamijo


29 Aug 2018 Nemamiah

Thank you, Ciara

29 Aug 2018 Tolaasin

This deck was the essence of maxey - she loved Jammy HB and was forever trying to find new ways to rush out agendas. We will miss her.

29 Aug 2018 fancywookiee

Had an absolute blast playing against this deck casually after Nats. I'm sad I'll never get to do that again with you :(

29 Aug 2018 vinegarymink

Thanks for everything Ciara. Coming back to the game and top 32ing a tough Nats field is a fantastic achievement. We miss you

29 Aug 2018 shanodin

What are we going to do without you?

29 Aug 2018 Kaethela

Still love that Aggretsuko art. I'm sad that I never got the chance to meet you. :(

29 Aug 2018 Cliquil


29 Aug 2018 BlueHg

Excellent art and bomb deck Ciara. We’ll miss you.

29 Aug 2018 .wil

I miss you. I can’t stand the thought of never talking to you again.

29 Aug 2018 stevensonson

you were one of my favorite people on the slack, i wish i'd spoken to you at nats

29 Aug 2018 rotage

I'll miss you Ciara <3

29 Aug 2018 rusefus

I still can't believe you're gone Ciara, shine on you jammy diamond <3

29 Aug 2018 chaosjuggler

We'll miss you a lot Ciara, much love <3

29 Aug 2018 RotomAppliance

You soundly beat me with this deck. I'll miss you Ciara <3

29 Aug 2018 manveruppd

This thread is a beautiful tribute! Seeing all the love pour out from her friends is really moving, and makes me sad I didn't know her. My condolences to all of you who did!

30 Aug 2018 d1en

Maxey wore a lovely Pikachu dress and had great energy playing the game. I could see that she enjoyed her time and I really wished I took the time to have a genuine conversation with her. Maxey please rest in peace, you're now jamming it in Deep Space.

30 Aug 2018 Oh_Em_Ve

I'll always wish I got a chance to know you


30 Aug 2018 TR1S

We first met over one of your Jammy HB deck and it is one of my most special memories of playing Netrunner. I miss you so much already <3

30 Aug 2018 Cacoethesvictor

I sat next to Ciara as she won with this deck on the top tables. With the help of philbert. Cheers philbert <3

30 Aug 2018 Sapph0


30 Aug 2018 Circadia

My favourite Ciara moment was playing her at Dark Sphere SC 2017 in the cut (she won that event). She was playing Whizzard but her ID sleeve was suspiciously fat so I was playing around the potential of her rebirthing into Omar or something for the entire game. After she beat me I asked her if she ever saw the rebirth and she was like "IT FINALLY WORKED! RUSED YOU!" That was just the kind of person she was. Ruses within ruses. I will miss her.

30 Aug 2018 timfast

feels kind of strange to actually discuss this list given the circumstances, but i think this looks both great and great fun and I'm going to try it out.

30 Aug 2018 emilyspine

@Circadiai still regularly hear jokes about suspiciously big ID sleeves at events!

30 Aug 2018 leachrode

Thanks for everything Ciara, I was glad to see you back at nats last weekend and we'll all miss you <3

30 Aug 2018 ODie

RIP (how I wish this hadn't been appropriated by gaming communities, it feels almost disrespectful to say it here) Ciara. I never met you, now never can and wish that it were not the case.

30 Aug 2018 fancywookiee

@seinfeld Her peace. Please don't misgender our friend and fellow player.

31 Aug 2018 Gswp

I played this deck yesterday for the first time and it felt very, very strong! It almost certainly isn't unbeatable, but the combination of Sportsmetal and Arella Salvatore feels like it is.

I did not know Ciara, but I can see that without her our community is a less bright place.

31 Aug 2018 twisty_b

Cheers, Ciara

31 Aug 2018 NtscapeNavigator

I miss you so much Ciara <3

31 Aug 2018 thebriarfox


2 Sep 2018 seeds34

Only met maxey once or twice and played only a hand full of times. She always seems up for a game a chat about it and most importantly a fun nice person.

2 Sep 2018 pord

Rip. I hope you keep on running up there.

3 Sep 2018 echo/

thanks for the games, Ciara

10 Sep 2018 kristian

had the pleasure of playing you at euros mate. you played a good game and are a great guy. ill miss you man

16 Sep 2018 Hosonagai

Thank you and may you be at peace.

6 Dec 2018 Kaisarfaust

I can't remember meeting Ciara, but I have fallen in love with this archetype and it feels so smooth! The tempo it offers is insane - also using Retsuko as my Alt ID I wish I'd met this great part of our society.

16 May 2019 Squirrelgirl93

I really miss you and think about you a lot. You were awesome at Magic and Netrunner. Am going to play your deck to beat Pete which I know you would approve of.

20 May 2019 buildingabetterworld

and the winner of the 2018 Darwin Award is...

11 Jun 2020 twatter

i had the pleasure of playing the geezer the one and only mr. maxey once at a netrunner tournament. he was dressed up like a pikachu and looked like a proper twat but we loved you for doing stupid shit like that man. take care in heaven man, peace dude.