I'm in Love with the Psycho - 3rd, 13th at US Nats

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I'm in love with the Psycho

I'm in love with the Psycho

I slot it on the low low

I'm in love with the Psycho

This is the CTM deck that Spags and I cooked up for US Nationals. Turns out people weren't ready for it, as it dropped only 3 games between us for the whole tournament, including the cut.

It's a natural evolution of Spags' CTM kill list from Magnum Opus, but with a few key changes and accommodations to account for the current meta.

Hit Lady Lib, trash your ProCo

'Cause your tempo lookin' slow slow

If you runnin', I go loco

Hit you with that treinta ocho

The goal of the deck is to really fork the runner so that they have no good options. Eventually, they're going to take a tag whether they want to or not, and that's when the fun begins. Once the runner commits to holding tags, you'll most often end the game with BOOM!, but you can also use Psychographics recursion to end the game.

The inclusion of the Psychographics is a key difference from the Magnum Opus list. This is to account for the high amount of Liza we expected to face. All of these newfangled Liza lists are packing Paparazzi and Dummy Box, a combo that pretty much locks you out of the kill plan. We toyed with a few tech cards to account for this: The All-Seeing I, Self Growth Program, Information Overload, but settled on Psychographics as it was the most impactful card of the bunch while also being tutorable through Consulting Visit.

If the runner chooses not to run, you also have the ability to swerve out with Lady Liberty. Rezzing Lady Lib and immediately adding ARES to your score area is maybe the sweetest thing in Netrunner, and if you've never experienced it, I highly recommend it.

Hydra also came in as our Tollbooth replacement. While Tollbooth is a fine ice in its own right, we preferred the heavier facecheck penalty that Hydra offered, even to a runner that isn't holding tags yet. It also has the upside of occasionally killing a runner that gets careless (shoutouts to Jakuza).

S I U, I got S I U

S I U, I got S I U

Tag 'em through the MisD, boomer

Closed, HHN, that's GG, boomer

US Nats was an absolute joy and I'm really happy to have been able to go.

Shoutouts (in no particular order):

ctz, spags, Ran, Dien, Sam, jdeng, Joe, Jack Carvis, Raja, Jakuza, CryptoGraham, Cronin, Joseki, Whiteblade, Jesse, and all my opponents.


7 Nov 2019 spags

I ran Crisium over EBC, boomer.

7 Nov 2019 ctz

Get paid via Hydra tokens only

7 Nov 2019 TyrellCorp

Great stuff and super glad I didn't have to play against it

7 Nov 2019 CryptoGraham

Awesome to meet you and awesome to see such a gnarly boi do so well. Kudos, gratz and keep on tagging!

10 Nov 2019 manveruppd

Come on guys... MAJOR tricked missed not calling this "Psycho Killer"!