Despie* Whiz** (5th @ Aldershot regionals)

Okkdoko 1119

* Restrictions of only 1 per turn may apply

** An equivalent of 3 will be provided if original ID is no longer legal. Setting up required board state not included.

Latest attempt at making Freedom work, under the assumption he would shine in this asset-heavy meta. Went 3-1 during swiss (241'd last round as corp), beating NEH, Blue Sun and AGInfusion and losing vs 6-point Azmari (should not have cut that David I suppose). Sadly I submitted the wrong decklist and got a game loss in the cut, and didn't get the chance to play Freedom again.

With the loss of crowdfunding I threw in whatever replacement econ I could find, and added turtle to deal with excal being unrestricted (it's also better than mkultra at breaking tour guide, which isn't exactly saying much). I didn't find a list with consume which worked for me, but I assume that's worth looking into some more. Pad tap was fine but not amazing, and paragon actually did a lot of good work. You're incentivised to run anyway to use your ability and get those sweet virus tokens, so getting a free buck and a scry helps a lot.

All in all I don't think this list is particularly strong; it's still fun to smash things but honestly shaper decks nowadays tend to fair better against assets, and without a good econ engine you struggle vs glacier as well.