Deeppuccino: 2nd Place 4-2 Circuit Opener 2022@Goblin Bologn

b4ralai 982

This is another Shaper Deep Dive deck.

Pretty straightforward shaper style:
Build your board, get the points.

Its major perks are:
- This deck is filthy rich. Really. Average 2.8 credit per click.
- Compared to others shaper's ID is faster in building the board. Don't underestimate Lat's free cards, because here the id will proc reeeeally often without forcing some suboptimal click to benefit it (telework contract is massive with Lat)
- Compared to other deep dive shapers decks with out of the ashes, it's more reliable and pressuring. You can go either for rig in midgame or nexus and be able to contest pretty much everything easily, forcing the corp to spread ice not building central server.
Another advantage is that you can threat deep dive pretty much every turn with Jak with an archives free run (granting you a card and a coin, I love dreamnet), and him along with Beth grants you 3 clicks to use on your deep dives. Don't worry about Beth, you are going to feed Corp's vault with Peace. Once you sit on 30-50 creds corps can rez whatever they like, it won't matter. Just avoid using Nexus in that case..
- The perfect version of this deck runs 3 smc and 2 rezeki. You'll never install the 3rd rezeki anyway, so better have a chance to be more aggressive on early game.
- I put a copy of Harmony AR as 46th card. Totally useless, but you never know..

This deck is a lot of fun, and I played hundred of games refining it, because it's pretty much entirely based on the passive pressure you put to the corp. It reminds me in some ways old leela playstile. A cold war waiting game where a wrong move by either side can cost the game, with the exception that there you got deepdive and go from zero to hero in a single turn.

It performed good and won against FA/HHN outfit, PD and CTM (sorry Cesco11!!). I lost to Koga's Jinteki: running HQ after stealing an obokata was a poor choice. Despite me having 4 cards in hand after stealing, i faced a well deserved snare that allowed Koga to kill me with double punitive. I could just draw a card, triggering lat, and be safe.
Still the deck is susceptible to net damage (as any deep dive deck is after all).

Thanks to ReinaMorada, great organization. It felt good playing again the game I love with friends after long time!