The Good Citizen

KuDetat 36

Gabe, or as he preferred to be called, "Gabriel" was a good citizen.

Every day he would come to work. He always came early, but knew that corporations suffer when employees worked overtime, so he only punched in his hours for an appropriate amount. Some times, he would even feign being late, so as to ensure that his employers didn't have to pay him too much.

Every day, he'd call his mother after work. He had to be the one to call her, since his constant use of prepaid VoicePADs meant he never kept the same personal contact number.

"No sense in signing up for a contract when prepaids boost the economy more.", he muttered to himself alone in his cubicle. He checked his daily casts for the latest celebrity news. He subscribed to all of the different forums, even the mirrored sites just in case.


Gabriel quickly buried his nose into his console, EMPLOYEE UNIT #32. He didn't want to upset his employer. Just to be safe, he shaved a few creds off of his payroll. The CEOs probably need every cred they can get to ensure a successful corporation.

As he continued his accounting, he realized a minor error. Due to a coding bug in the applications for Starlight Crusade Funding, Gabriel's company had accidentally qualified multiple times for the nonprofit organization's donations. But was it right for the corporation to take from a charity so many times? The corporation could always find use for the extra creds. Gabriel wanted to be a good citizen.

3 Dec 2014 siawq


3 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

I lol'ed

4 Dec 2014 Dydra

I didn't get it ... why it was so funny :( the narrative was not interesting ...

4 Dec 2014 Dydra

I didn't get it ... why it was so funny :( the narrative was not interesting ...

4 Dec 2014 vidarino

Wow, that was awesome. I want to try playing this deck now. Lawd have mercy.

4 Dec 2014 harvolev

Umm.. there's no ice breakers lol Special order with nothing to search for. I love the theme. Hilarious.

4 Dec 2014 hi_impact

Highest of lels.

Good hella job. I also realized Day Job is 1 inf. That's really, really good.

11 Aug 2016 martinimon

I started playing this deck, might change some things to make it legal by today, I managed to get 6 points before I lost though.