Chaos Theory: My Arizona Regional 2014 Deck

therizzlesign 42

Went 5 and 1 with this deck. Escher did serious work. In one game turning a glacier scoring server into Heimdall x.0, Heimdall x.0, Heimdall x.0, Inazuma, Inazuma for a 3 credit run.

The game that I lost I ended up Quality Time -> Quality Time -> Quality Time -> Diesel to draw the 2nd Test Run (or Morning Star neither would come up.) I would have lost either way due to misreading his decks ability to score.

Blackmail and The Personal Touch were just thrown in due to nothing else standing out.

6 Dec 2014 mjortman

I would be tempted to run Clone Chip instead of The Personal Touch. It would help against surprise trashing, but also help to get your breaker on Dinosaurus, because you could discard a breaker after a Quality Time and still be able to get the combo you want (if that makes sense). That was always the trouble for me, getting the Dinosaurus installed before installing my breaker. Speaking of, do you have a preferred breaker you try to put on Dino? Or just wait and see what they have first?

7 Dec 2014 say200426

how about the curtain wall?

you have no solution to that

7 Dec 2014 xethebuilder

@say200426 Escher it to an inside position? Or maybe just siphon them so that they can't rez it? It's an interesting question- I'd probably run femme for stuff like that.

7 Dec 2014 therizzlesign

This deck was old, I published it because my only published decks were silly things I intended to delete but cannot.

Curtain wall is a thing, but prior to Blue Sun (which this deck predates) you really didn't see it. With its massive cost if they didn't block HQ you could Esher it away, if they did put it on HQ then you still had access to R&D and remote servers as Weyland doesn't have that many 3/2 options for agendas.

7 Dec 2014 therizzlesign

Also the only time I really got destroyed was a Curtain Wall / Off The Grid combo which will shut this deck down but not many people I encounter are running OTG with all the criminals around.

7 Dec 2014 therizzlesign

@mjortman You already have Scavenge to move programs around to get the one you need on Dinosaurus and Test Run to get them back after you discard them. Clone chip still probably would have been a good choice but it wasn't really needed.

As for what goes on the Dino Against HB its Morning star due to Heimdalls, anyone else it is Garrote for the cheaper sentry breaking unless you need the strength on Morning Star for something specific.

8 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

My g/f learned netrunner with a deck just like this, the breaker suite was 1 femme 1 morning and 1 torch. femme gets you in for the early siphon, she ran indexing so that too off a test run. I grew to hate playing her with it :P

Scavenge femme onto dino to deal with the bigger sentries, and use her ability to bypass on anything like curtain wall. Again though, now blue sun is an issue, so even with scavenge and SoT to reset her. That said, the deck still hits very hard when it hits, and it gets some very brutal starts if you find some femme action early. This is a very strong deck type.

Essentially it was -1 garrote +1 femme +1 legwork -1 escher -1 blackmail, I forget what the 40th was, but net celeb is pretty good. Those changes would be strong IMO.

8 Dec 2014 therizzlesign

When I ran the deck with Femme I ran 2 of them since she is only one MU. Garrote is just so much more efficient than Femme against any sentry that isn't marked.

I did have an indexing in the deck as a last minute change for the event. I probably swapped the personal touch for it. I wouldn't consider dropping Escher though it is such a powerful card. Even if you draw it at a bad time throw it away and you can SOT it when you need it.