Embolus mti (4th NZ Nats)

triorph 902

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

Unlike my runner list I think this one is actually very good. Daily Quest + Embolus is an amazing combo, and unlike other Mtis this deck can deal with Stabby Maxx really well by having lots of ice and the ability to afford them getting trashed.

I was betrayed by the weirdest slowest luck all day. Against eventual champion's Leela I got a timed draw where I was going to win next turn. I was then able to achieve a win doing stupid-Mti things without drawing a single daily quest or embolus, and I then lost a game against Stabby Maxx where despite disrupting their entire gameplan all game and suffering only one trashed ice, I got hosed by rebirth omar giving up the agenda points in a flooded HQ and never saw Embolus in the 35 or so cards I drew so couldn't start scoring them. In the cut against Ryan I had a similarly slow game but eventually found the combo only to lose to the clock yet again.

Overall conclusion: This deck is really good but don't take it to tournaments because you will lose too many games to the clock instead of to agenda points. This is very good on JNet, although luckily I waited for Mti ban before I published this. A palana version of the deck is still reasonable, especially as the most egregious abusers of the glacier gameplan (GPI Net Tap and Stabby Maxx) are both gone from the meta. Notably I think Rube Goldberg and anything with Political Operative gives this a hard enough time that you shouldn't play it if you expect either.