Mid-range Prav [Startup]

Daine 3563

This went 2-1 at the latest Startup tournament in Austin, TX.

Mull aggressively for a Subliminal Messaging and make sure that you have an installed card to start collecting advancements. If they run, you get to start charging cards you can use Trick of Light on, if they don’t run you get a credit from Subliminal. It may not seem like much, but the tempo adds up quite quickly.

This deck likes to score as quickly as it can and get to 4 points at all costs (I frequently left ice on centrals unrezzed in order to afford to score). With Vlad grid, Shipment from Vlad + Drago or Chekist, Backroom Machinations, or Trick of Light you can threaten the last few points very easily without a whole lot the runner can do to stop it.

Don’t waste any good ice on HQ. If you’re playing this right you won’t keep agendas there for long anyway. Make it hard for the runner to lock your R&D and/or make your remote taxing so you can jam in there if you don’t have FA tools in hand.

This deck could probably use an extra surprise like Retribution or Snare! just to bail you out if you fall behind, but it’s linear and powerful enough that you can outpace most decks most of the time even without shenanigans.

As always, criticisms or mockery are always welcome.

31 Jan 2023 x3r0h0ur

I was playing something like this for the last few weeks, almost identical. I was disappointed in Tsarevna. My inf was trust operation and I had public trail and tollbooths to overdraw and discard along with pharos to get them for free (while also being set up by sabotage in those matchups). It didn't work well.

The trick of lights might be what was wrong with mine, I'll give it a shot. Cool stuff <3'ed.