Political Moonings, Reading Jank Event

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As we all know runners are too rich right now to score behind ICE, This poses a serious problem for players on the corp side. Thankfully we have finally received the tools necessary to score an Agenda from hand.

That's right folks, It's now possible to score an agenda without having to leave it on the table during the runners turn!

Red Planet Couriers allows you to move ALL your advancement counters from ALL of your cards onto just a single card. "But wait!" I hear you cry, "Red Planet Couriers uses ALL of your clicks too!" You are of course correct. But I have figured out a way around this issue, With a very simple and totally reasonable combo.

Step 1: You must Advance your ICE until you have 9 counters on the board

Step 2: You need Political Dealings, Open Forum and Estelle Moon with at least one counter

Step 3: At the start of your turn use Open Forum to place your Government Takeover on top of R&D

Step 4: Trash Estelle Moon to Draw your Government Takeover and use Political Dealings to reveal it to your opponent and install it

Step 5: Wait for your opponent to Laugh at you. "Hah you can't score that, It needs 9 Advancements. I will steal it on my turn!"

Step 6: Retort by saying "Correct, I would need to advance it 9 times. But you see I still have ALL my clicks!"

Step 7: Use ALL of your clicks to play Red Planet Couriers to place ALL of your counters, from ALL of your cards onto Government Takeover.

Sadly as strong as this combo is, In practice it did not perform as well as I had hoped. Maybe if there was an Event that gave you a fourth click this deck would be stronger.

7 Sep 2017 emilyspine


7 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

This is some quality jank

8 Sep 2017 Handsome Jack

psst. That event is called Biotic Labor.

8 Sep 2017 Oooer

I think that was the joke..