Harmony Deadtech v2

Whizkid 264

Mushin no shin something from hq. If it's an agenda you set up a punitive kill, if it's an ambush the runner hits it, if it's a ronin save it for a later kill. Also kills now enabled by Chum / Labyrinthine Servers.

16 Dec 2014 Bananifier

Reversed Accounts goes very well with punitive, as it reduce the economy gap you need to kill. You can let it sit there until you need to empty their accounts, and follow it up with a double punitive ;)

16 Dec 2014 Kroen

Why Wall of Static over Himitsu-Bako? Considering it's cheaper, resilient to Parasites and Caissas and can ever power your Celebrity Gift if you're in a pinch.

And do you feel Neural EMP pulls its weight here? Also, are three Ronins really necessary?

16 Dec 2014 Whizkid

@Kroen I'm still fleshing it out but I find the people I usually play are very cautious about any remotes I lay down. So I like having a trap I can trigger rather than an extra Junebug or something. What would you recommend?

Wall of static requires 2 credits for Corroder and Bako takes only 1. That's all I've put into it so far. Bako could work out great too.

Neural EMP is a slot that was Caprice for a while. A move I do is Mushin/EMP. Take them down to 4 cards and make them think about having to run a 3 advanced card that could be a Junebug.

@Bananifier I like that idea. Kinda short on influence though sadly. I could go down to 1 Overwriter and include it. I'll try that out.

16 Dec 2014 Shishu

I think you need at least 1 more Shi.Kyū. Running six 3-pointers means they absolutely need to hit it (and out of hq, arhives, or a mushin'd remote, no less) in order to slow down the game. I feel like Wall of Static is a silly piece of ice, here, when literally nothing else is ETR. You can go to 3 of Kitsune to ensure they hit a Shi.Kyū, or an agenda if you've got the double punitive in hand. And a third Neural EMP never hurt anyone (except the runner, of course).