Bibliomaniac314 63

"Oh you're a corporation all right, just not a mega one"

"Oh yeah? Whats the difference? Sacrifice? Audacity? Success?"


  1. Score 2 False Leads asap (DRM + reckless Audacity usage is your friend (though not on the same turn))

  2. Dig for Clearinghouse (or tutor it with Malapert)

  3. IAA, Pop both FL for +4A and to skip the runner's whole turn

  4. ???

  5. Profit

From my modest testing, very difficult to counter. Once you have the two FL scored, theres pretty much nothing the runner can do except try to win before you find a Clearinghouse.

Corporate Town can deal with any pesky Citadel Sanctuarys or Guru Davinders.

EDIT: Okay I've played this deck a bit more, and its not as strong as I originally thought - its really hard to get the right cards in the right order and not trash them with audacity! Still a very fun deck though.

11 Aug 2021 Saan

Keep in mind that you can't score agendas on the turn you use DRM, as per its text.

12 Aug 2021 Bibliomaniac314

@Saan yeah I found that out the hard way on J-net XD

12 Aug 2021 BizTheDad

For some reason the "profit" joke always gets me.

25 Sep 2021 Atomikrin

I've been playing this deck at my weekly meetup for a bit now, and it's so fun. I absolutely love how aggressive it plays, leaning into the flatline win condition. I've never played a Weyland deck that was so willing to mill itself just to murder the other player.