Grail Foundations

norat13 13

Feedback welcome.

This deck seems to split between FA and semi-glacier. I try to rush out 2 agendas early to put the pressure on, and then build up the servers. Research station helps you hold biotics in hand along with 2-3 grail ice.

Econ feels rough to me at times; I might drop 1 research station and the green levels for peak efficiency or eve campaigns.

IQ is a mixed blessing in this build. ABT is the best way to get it out, otherwise hope for an early rez with few cards in HQ.

2 Jan 2015 konradh

Im building something similar right now.

Are you sure you want three copies of Excalibur? This card has cool effect, but does'nt end the run, and you can have only one rezzed at the same time. Two could be enough, since you need one in your hand for the other Grail ICE, and another could be installed somewhere.

I also decided to take only 2 Research Stations.

2 Jan 2015 Humanoids

How much do Research Station actually help? Doesn't it get trashed very easily? How long does it last? I cannot choose whether or not to add it into my grail deck instead of Midway Station Grid.

2 Jan 2015 norat13

@konradh That's a good point on Excalibur. I put a third copy in after I pulled Architect. Do you think add a third copy of Viktor or Viper for it?

2 Jan 2015 norat13

@Humanoids It can be fairly easy to trash, but those three credits may make a difference on being able to run a second time. My experience so far has been that the runner will trash it out of R&D, but may let it sit once installed in HQ. Of course, the richer runners will trash no matter where they access it from.

Its also nice mid- to late game after you've fired the Foundry's ability a few times. It gives you breathing room to hold onto grail ice without having to trash important cards. The dilution of HQ also helps with multi-access. I've sat on an agenda (3/5 usually) with 2 biotics and 4 ice in hand while waiting for a scoring window.

4 Jan 2015 konradh

@norat13 I think third copy of Viktor is too much, but maybe I just like Viper too much.

This week I had some games with this deck against my friends: