Helium In Your Brains!

Pinkwarrior 2278

So the idea is mainly to use Helium-3 Deposit with ICE this seemed the best ID to go for with this approach. If you can get a counter on either Data Raven or Victor then your cooking.

I am not sure if my idea will work or not but if my thinking is correct a Wormhole/Orion with Victor's subroutine would put a counter on Victor same go's for Data Raven then when you score your Helium you can put 2 more counters on them either for more tag's or Brain Damage.

4 Jan 2015 Jashay

You are correct. Other options include for power counters include Mamba, Snoop, and, hilariously, Atman.

Other good options for Orion and Wormhole are Checkpoint, Ichi (Tag and Brain damage) and Flare (Meat damage, hardware trash, and end the run)

4 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

Yeah i knew about Mamba problem with that is you can't be sure it'll get the counter so i decided not to bother with that hadn't realized about snoop though missed that one. Surprisingly Atman was the first thing i thought of took me longer to come up with a use for it if they didn't have Atman :)

Yeah the others are all good targets for Wormhole/Orion but for this deck i was wanting to go for the power counters.

5 Jan 2015 whuppo

that Viktor 2.0 splash!


20 Feb 2015 Manyallaluk

Have you considered Docklands Crackdown? I'm not sure well it can be defended in this deck yet synergy with the power counter generation seems strong.