Running Back (Second Place, Omaha GNK)

Arthurbarnhouse 94

This is a build I’ve been tinkering with a lot. Basically the big problem with Reina is how to maximize her ability, which can almost be blank in the late game. The solution I settled on was make it so that ICE isn’t rezzed (DDoS), or if it is, it’s trashed (Run Amok). ICE you do pass with these two can be trashed with En Passant. All of this allows you to get to mid game, powered by Proco draws. Corps will often have money by then but hernando Cortez forces out very expensive rezzes, making scoring that much harder.

Horizontal decks the goal is mostly to not have less than 8 credits and to En Passant as much as humanly possible, as most of these style of decks don’t have a lot of ice.

It’s particularly strong against rush decks, as being able to get into one ice deep servers comfortably means quick scoring isn’t as strong.

The employee strike is there for the Skorp and Sync matchups which I knew was going to be there for my tournament. Depending on what is common in your meta film critic might be stronger since it deals with Obokata better.