Skorp Couriers

Ayanami 25

And here's my Skorp list. As before, post up any queries.

EDIT: This was Perth Regionals, apologies.

6 Jul 2017 Relenzo

Anyone who plays Junebug out of Weyland is a friend of mine.

The plan looks like Biotic + Red Couriers to score Government Takeover out of hand. You have some virus tools to deal with Clot.

Where do your tokens generally come from? Do you try to stack them up on Junebug, or just make a really big Ice Wall?

And I notice you're not playing any Hunter-Seeker or Best Defense, so what's your reasoning for not playing this out of Builder of Nations? Do you get program trashes off of the ICE suite that often?

6 Jul 2017 Ayanami

Good to hear :D The Junebug is a bit of a flex slot as well, but gives you sort of an out vs. Clot lock (like Hayley) that's running everything you put down.

The Plan does centre around RPC and Takeover out of hand, though I usually try to see if I can score a Hostile and GFI the regular way. If I can, great, I can then Couriers a GFI or Takeover, whichever comes first. You can take a risk on Never Advancing the GFI if Biotic is not around or you find it too hard deal with Clot.

If you can't score a GFI the regular way, not to worry, just wait for the Takeover. Or you can RPC x 2 GFIs, though that takes a lot of pieces and uses all your counters each time, so reconsider if you've built up a lot of counters.

Counters usually come from Anson Rose. If the first thing they run is the Anson Rose server, then all counters go on the ice in front of Anson. If they run other servers first, then spread out the Anson counters across lots of ice. If you don't see Anson, Shipment goes a long way to ameliorating the pain of manually advancing. Super advancing Junebug is an option, but unless they're playing a lot of ice destruction or Leela it's usually best to just advance your various ice (and makes Mass Commercialisation a lot better).

I chose Skorp because people play differently against it. They slow down, play around Hunter Seeker, dig frantically for Film Critic. Also helps a truckload against recurring events (Siphon, Indexing, Deep Data Mining, Vamp etc) and can permanently get rid of Clot. But then you need to mix it up in your local meta and sometimes cut cards for Hunter Seeker, otherwise people know the deck and you lose the effectiveness of the ID.

And yeah, you get the occasional Colossus/Wormhole hit and remove their only Paperclip.

I mucked around with Builder of Nations a little, but I found the pings of meat damage largely inconsequential.