The Tennin Institute for Children... - BA Program

funnyways3 936

For my fun, Zoolander-esque description of this deck, go here:

So the name of this game is "let the runner in." Yes, that sounds scary but it's necessary. The beauty of Tennin is that it encourages the runner to take risks as to negate Tennin's effect and you're banking on THAT more than the effect itself. It's easy for the runner to get through, you even help with Fundraiser because you want the runner to slam into damage when they aren't ready and if it leaves them low at the end of the turn, you can follow up with Cerebral/Scorched or Neural EMP or Trick out an Entanglement later in the game.

Also you'll notice there's not a lot of money in this deck. The deck doesn't need it and Medical Research Fundraiser/Paywall Implementation do just fine (I BEG of you, do not discount Paywall here). The most expensive thing you'll ever do is spend six to Kitsune into a Snare!.

There's not a lot more to talk about with this deck other than, trust it. It is capable of every type of damage, but unlike most kill decks where it's a BOMB of damage, this deck trickles it in very quickly and very unexpectedly. (Side note, my favorite plays for Shi.Kyū are to try to get them to take a little damage, not force the -1). It can be a rough pilot but my success with this deck is WELL over 90% and a very similar iteration of this deck killed 6 out of 7 at Worlds.