I don't paddle, I row

ff0X 820

I played this deck in a Game Night last weekend and it only let me down in one game against Butchershop. While he was unable to scorch me, I made some rather embarrassing mistakes, which might have enabled him to score to freely. The other opponents were Blue Sun (Black Knight), Blue Sun (Glacier with Scorch), CI (Fast Advance).

Overall I am really happy to have moved from Inject to Street Peddler and Imp + Utopia Shard were quite sufficient to protect me from being killed. The single Incubator worked quite well, too. The only cards I am not entirely happy about are the Daily Casts. Most of the time they were just cards for Faust and I think Lampreys could work a lot better as an additional thread to HQ. Faust was quite stellar and I can certainly see playing another.

[Edit:] It was the first time I played Noise at a tournament and was quite pleasantly surprised.

20 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

Thats the exact breaker package I've been playing since faust came out, and it works very well, just enough. Actually the whole thing looks like my build, except I run inject because I go mad when I can't find aesop's pawnshop. I run 2 casts and 3 clone (no hades or utopia) and 2 inject, and thats the only difference, with the net being +2 inject +1 clone chip -1 daily casts -1 hades -1 utopia.

I love utopia in anarch, especially with "light" scorch protection (no IHW here either :P), but I really like the 3 clone chips...I'm curious if there is a non-playstyle preference correct answer here.

Also since dropping cyrpsis, I've found stimhack to be less useful, mainly comboing for multiinstalls off peddler and CC, sometimes bringing down curtain walls if dave doesn't turn up. DO you find stimhack totally worth the slot still?

20 Jul 2015 ff0X

I like Stimhack a lot in this deck. While the surprise install from Street Peddler is nice for breakers, it is quite hillarious if you run HQ drop Utopia and use the credits from Stimhack to install Hades from Street Peddler. Other then that, it is still great to get rid of SanSan or to steal NAPDs without the corp expecting it.