Yellow Jackets 2.0 - (NGN Priority Run - 1st, SC - 2nd )

akonnick 2050


This is the deck I piloted to a 1st place finish at our NGN Priority Run Tournament and 2nd place at our 1st Atlanta area store championship. I went undefeated with this deck through both tournaments, so I highly recommend it for anyone who likes the threat of fast advance with the punch of strong trace ice and Tollbooth that you don't get from the standard NEH lists.

I know that the world seems to have moved on to NEH in full force. I assure you that this deck and ID are plenty viable for those like me that love NBN, but don't want to play a "glass cannon" archetype. Enjoy!


I think everyone can agree that this agenda suite is pretty much the "best" for any NBN fast advance archetype. Nothing special here.

AstroScript Pilot Program - The best agenda printed. The great thing about this deck is that if you can score one early and then defend a 3 point Beale score, you only need to get a partial Astro Train to win. My most common path to victory is to score an early Astro, establish a remote and score a 3 point Beale and then score a Beale or Astro from hand for the win. This can happen pretty quickly and I believe is a big part of the deck's success.

Project Beale - Aside from the Ice suite, the biggest boost you get over other NBN lists is that Project Beale becomes a 3 point agenda rather than a 2 pointer that you can fast advance with a Biotic Labor or SanSan City Grid. Over half of my games have been won with 3 point Beale's protected by Ash or just tempo installed at the right time behind a Tollbooth or another piece of Ice after a Closed Accounts. I install, advance, advance nearly every Project Beale along with every NAPD Contract to make them look the same. Most opponents assume the agenda is an NAPD and don't want to go broke getting into your remote and trying to score it. Be aggressive with your Beale scores - even if you know the opponent may be able to get in. Most players are worried about going broke on an NAPD if it means they give up an AstroScript.

NAPD Contract - I've won plenty of games scoring these, but most NBN players know that this agenda is as much about creating tempo when your opponent pays to steal, which allows you to score an Astro or a Beale. When you put this in even a 2 ice server protected by an Ash (which starts at trace 6), most players just let you have it. Take advantage of that and again make sure you don't worry about the reality that when you look at someone's credit count, they "could" get in. Playing this deck is often about putting runners to the test as they can only afford to challenge so many remote installs.

Breaking News - While having an agenda you can score from hand to win the game is certainly great, I love this agenda because of the synergy with Closed Accounts. There is no better way to break an opponent than rezzing a SanSan, scoring Breaking News and using Closed Accounts. You are left with a point, a rezzed SanSan and a broke opponent trying to figure out how to rebuild. Even if you have to go to low credits to make the play, it is almost always worth it. Also, this play is equally fun if the opponent is playing Kati Jones and you blow up a loaded Kati while the opponent has the Breaking News tags.


Jackson Howard - Aside from the obvious reasons people play this card, this deck allows you to keep Jackson on the board (if you want to keep drawing with him) if you protect him with an Ash or RSVP (my personal favorite remote server). I usually leave him in the scoring server knowing that I'll almost always have enough operation economy cards to shuffle back in when it is time to score. I don't want to give the opponent a place to Security Test for free, so I rarely leave him out in the open after the early game.


Ash 2X3ZB9CY - This card is an MVP in this deck and is frankly one of the main selling point of playing this versus an NEH list. The HB glacier decks play him for a reason: When Ash is on the board protecting an agenda, you know you can keep you opponent out if you can outmoney them or keep them from getting through the server twice. Making News lets Ash's trace start at a 6 without investing any real credits and this is huge. If you have a half decent remote server and some money (which this deck has a lot of), it is very difficult for runner economies to challenge a remote with Ash without going broke. Considering that most players at this point are trained to run against NEH and want to protect against you scoring AstroScript, they will often give up on a remote with Ash instead choosing to focus on central servers to try and snipe the AstroScripts. This gives you the opportunity to uncontested 3 point Beales and NAPDs without any fear. It is also worth noting that Ash is a high priority card for shuffling back into the deck with Jackson Howard. Runners are afraid of letting you have an Ash, so having to trash multiple Ash's (and SanSans) is all part of the tax this deck imposes.

SanSan City Grid: If you want the option to fast advance, this is a must have. While NEH also given you the added influence to get Biotic Labor as well, this deck gives you more protection for your SanSans. Between Ash, RSVP and Closed Accounts, you have more cards that when used at the right time can keep SanSan rezzed and around for a few turns. Even if you only get to use it to score your first AstroScript, that is often all you need. Once I get to the mid game where I have a remote established, I usually throw this down in a remote to force the runner to react. If they leave it, I hopefully get an unchallenged Astro score. If the run and trash, I usually immediately pursue an NAPD or 3 point Beale score if I don't think they can get right back in next turn. Overall, this card is worth playing the full 3 copies even if some are dead draws given the threat it poses to the runner.


Pop-up Window, Wraparound, Draco - This is the ice you want in your opening hand. Wraparound is the best early game barrier because if you are playing Noise without Corroder (which happened multiple times through the tournaments), this suddenly becomes the best piece of ice in your deck as no parasite will ever bring this down to size. Even if they get the barrier breaker out, Ichi 1.0 has a chance of sniping a Corroder and turning your 7 strength Wraparound on all over again. Draco punishes face-checking at an early point in the game for a nominal 1 credit cost. Draco is also great Account Siphon protection as you can just spend money to make a huge Draco to prevent the runner from stealing your credits and getting a huge lead, which leaves behind a sentry that their Mimic can't break. This is also a great archives card at 4 strength or more to tax a Criminal runner that is trying to use Security Testing as it eats up the economic benefit of doing so, prevents a net gain of datasucker tokens and leaves them vulnerable to Shinobi if they don't build tokens. Pop-up window is an amazing piece of ice that drains the runner and builds you towards the SanSan rez or Shinobi kill - probably my favorite piece of ice in the game. You also get the added benefit in this deck of creating my favorite server of RSVP in front of double pop-up window.

Eli 1.0, Viper, Ichi 1.0 - This is your midrange ice that will really start to tax the runner. Eli 1.0 needs no explanation - NEH decks run 3 of them with good reason (TMI is our 3rd Eli 1.0 as I will explain). I usually put Eli on central servers as my main source of protection on the server that I'm most worried about being repeatedly run (ie HQ for Criminals and R&D for Shapers). Viper may be the best piece of trace ice in the game as it is only 3 credits to rez for a 4 strength code gate with 2 subroutines that are both fantastic. The free trace credits for Making News turn this into a powerhouse even into the mid game. I am just as happy to put this on a remote as a central. Ichi 1.0 is a fantastic piece of ice as it is out of Mimic's range, gives you 3 subroutines (including a great trace effect) and can set the runner back to the early game if they don't run wisely. I rarely land all 3 subroutines, but frequently land the trace effect which lets me land a Closed Accounts when the runner is out of clicks to protect their programs and can't clear the tag.


Data Raven - This is the most annoying piece of ice in the world for many decks. Resource heavy decks (including my Kate deck) absolutely hate it because the encounter ability means that you need Femme Fatale (to bypass it) or Parasite (to kill it) to avoid spending a bunch of credits and clicks clearing tags. If you are playing Closed Accounts, this ice belongs in your deck. I often put it on Archives to protect against Security Testing but will also just as happily put on HQ or R&D as this may well be a hard end run ice with as many times as it just forces the runner to go elsewhere unless they want to be drained from clearing tags.

Shinobi - This has logged a lot of kills, even when people know I'm playing with it. As a one-of, people can't stop running to play around it or I will just Astro train to victory. That is what creates the opening for it to work. I love to put this on Archives against criminal as they are usually running to Archives because they need money for Security Testing, which means you know they will run there when they get low on credits and can die to Shinobi. This has proven to be a better alternate win condition than I expected and I would never cut it from this deck.

21 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I agree, NEH isn't the end all be all. This type is going to have a lot of success IMO, I've seen nbn 'mini-glacier' or 'tracier' decks work wonders. Nice deck, I'll slot it since my NBN ID is getting cold these days.

21 Jan 2015 djackman

Yay Making News players! This archetype hasn't really changed at all, but is still strong and can achieve some of the most impressive tempo swings in the mid-game.

I do wish we could actually get some cards that give trace some love.

21 Jan 2015 Dydra

I beg your pardon, but NBN NEH isn't glass cannon ... Glass cannons implies high risk high reward ... there is no such thing in NEH ... NEH is AUTOscripted Bot for 4 year olds

The script can be written even in here!:

1) Draw a card 1).1). Is it an Asset?

Yes --> Install

No --> Keep

2.2) Is it an Astro

Yes --> Do you have Biotic Labor

--> Yes --> Do you have 7 c -->

Yes -> Score

No ? --> wait until u get 7c

No? --> wait until you draw Biotic Labor

2) have a problem drawing

Yes) Use Jackson Howard

No) Of course u dont - u are NEH!

This is how to play Neh , 8 lines of code and done ;)

21 Jan 2015 sruman

I'm sure you've considered but why not a Manhunt? It would seem to be a worthwhile tax since at a minimum it'll cost them 3 credits to beat an NBN boosted trace (4 for many runners) or take the tag and pay 2+action to dump. So that's an even credit swap. However, likely it'll affect 2+ runs. What to drop? I'd say 1 green-level clearance (then think about using extra inf. to drop Viper for Cadeucus). Just some initial thoughts from list.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@x3r0h0ur thanks and I agree - a lot of bored NEH players tires of losing random games due to variance and not being able to protect themselves when the game isn't won immediately have asked me for my list once they see it as it can also go fast against passive players but has a way better long game.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@djackman totally agreed - I am always on the lookout to upgrade the ice as I think the rest of the deck is pretty set (at least Jackson, sans an and ash aren't going anywhere). I feel like troll, information overload and the zodiac ice doesn't really fit this deck style, so I hope there are more options to choose from as more cards are released.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@Dydra lol - you need to put that decision tree on a playmat and sell it. With all the new players I see net decking NEH lists, there is definitely a market for telling them how it actually plays :)

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@sruman appreciate the feedback. I used manhunt in another deck with midseasons and psychographics and loved it. My only problem in this deck is that I can't really do much to take advantage of having multiple tags beyond the one I need for closed accounts to fire. I've noticed that a lot of players start clearing the data raven tag for example and then get desperate and just risk the closed accounts, so I feel that it may just be another one of those effects. With the ability to pretty easily land proactive tags with breaking news, I just stuck with that and left manhunt alone for this deck.

I think the idea of fitting in a caduceus is interesting. I have a little pause cutting the viper, but agree the 3rd green level could be cut. I may try to rework a couple ice and see if I like that better. Thanks again for the suggestions.

21 Jan 2015 SlayerCNV

the fact is that if u use this deck in NEH it will be,simply, stronger.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@SlayerCNV i understand your point, but think you would need to make some fundamental changes to this to "NEH" the deck. You would at a minimum need to add some asset economy to trigger the draw ability as I only ever establish 1 remote (even Jackson goes in the protected remote usually).

Also, a lot of the trace ice is a lot less threatening if I have to spend "real" credits (rather than the recurring credits) to deny access or make a subroutine hit. If NEH gives you one credit of value every turn in the form of a free draw, Making News can give you two credits in the form of a trace that is effectively a subroutine the runner can't afford to pay through and the ice itself typically gives you more for what you paid relative to non-trace (ie you pay 3 to rez both 5 strength TMI and 3 strength Wall of Static). The free trace boost is also usually very relevant for Ash as you effectively start at a trace 6, which many times can't be beat.

Plenty of others have posted great NEH lists that would be better than this with a swapped ID, but I wanted to play something that gets mileage out of Making News.

21 Jan 2015 holosmoss

For someone with only 2 sansans, would you suggest adding an Ice (which would be a priority), a Restructure, an other closed Account or anything else ?

21 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I too like caduceus. I'd cut BLC for 2x SFF, and add a caddy. SFF makes siphon users even more sad, and is essentially econ too. Hurts the draw slightly, but meh.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@holosmoss Great question - I honestly think you will be fine with 2 SanSans. 3 is nice to have because runner's are so scared of it they will spend the money to trash even when you don't necessarily need it at the moment.

I think 2 closed accounts and restructures are about all you want as they are more mid-game cards and can clog your hand if you draw at the wrong time.

If I were to add Ice, I would probably add a Wall of Static. I've considered Uroboros, but am already heavy at the 4 strength level Ice and didn't want any more.

If you want money, I would add a Melange Mining Corp as you don't want to establish unguarded remotes that allow for security testing runs and you can protect it well with Ash or RSVP until the find a breaker or you are ready to score. I would also consider a Targeted Marketing as that can be annoying or just make you rich.

Other utility cards I've considered are Bad Times and Snatch and Grab, but I'm less of a fan as they are a little narrow in terms of when you can use them. Even Interns could act as the 3rd copy of SanSan to get back one that has been trashed.

Hopefully that gives some ideas, but I would probably vote on either the Wall of Static or Melange. Thanks for checking out the deck.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@x3r0h0ur by SFF, do you mean Shipment from SanSan? I assumed so based on your comments, but wanted to clarify. I think those changes are definitely worth testing and I like getting an extra Caduceus out of the deal. What do you think of 1 Shipment and 1 Melange? I agree that shipment is good Siphon protection, but I also like the idea of putting something in my remote that has to be run and something that gets me actual credits when I go low to get me back in Ice rezzing range.

21 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

I do mean Shipment from sansan. There is a good benefit from being able to score when the runner thinks you can't. Also it is never a bad card to have, unless you're already fucked.

I like melange, particularly to open scoring windows. My complaint about it is that it can tie up your scoring remote, and can make you flood yourself for money, so caution is advised. Putting it behind an rsvp early though is hilariously good.

21 Jan 2015 akonnick

@x3r0h0ur the hilarious melange/rsvp play is kind of what drew me to the idea, but I agree that pure operation/ice econ is the way to go with the tempo of the deck. I'm thinking of one of the following two options: 1. -1 Eli 1.0, -1 Green Level, +1 Wall of Static, +1 Caduceus or 2. -2 Green Level, +1 Caduceus, +1 Shipment from SanSan. Thoughts on which you like better? I hate cutting Eli at all, but did just play 1 in a prior version and was fine with it (but it is Eli...).

21 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

It's tough...maybe restructures for SFSS but then you're less likely to hit shinobi range. I'm not entirely sure where I'd drop cards. Maybe -1 GLC +2 SFF +1 Caddy. Ups your ice count, and keeps your econ about the same, if the draw off GLC isn't important anyway. If it isn't then beanstalk is probably strictly better too.

21 Jan 2015 Talism

Love the look of the deck, i still prefer making news to NEH, cant get past that alt art :)

22 Jan 2015 akonnick

@Talism thanks for checking out - I think if I'm going to continue to compete with this deck, I need to spring for the alt art. Those eBay prices...

22 Jan 2015 Talism

Well i have a spare one. Which if i cant win a noise one this weekend might swap for a noise one

22 Jan 2015 evilgaz

Good list, I'll give it a look! I'd argue against Caduceus to be honest - while previously great with this id, every man and his dog is running Mimic to counter Architect these days. Viper makes for a better counter being a code gate and Str 4 is the sweet spot. Cheers!

22 Jan 2015 akonnick

@evilgazGreat point on Mimic. I do feel like part of my success with the deck has been the seemingly universal inclusion of Mimic. Notably against Criminals with your standard Faerie, Mimic and Datasucker plan, this deck has a great matchup. The main plan is to get all your centrals iced up quickly (which is easy with the amount of money and cheap ice in the deck) to guard against the security testing/desperado/datasucker nonsense. Once the runner can't do that for free, they get desperate for run targets and money and the sentries take over. A lot of times, I will set a Draco at 4 to induce Faerie uses. That opens the door for Ichi and Shinobi to do work.

Also, when criminals have to resort to plan B and start turning to Kati Jones for money, you are in control of their money as you have the standard Breaking News play to either blow up a loaded Kati or use Closed Accounts after they take Kati money. Once you land either of those plays, you basically can't lose as they can't rebuild fast enough and you just start fast advancing off SanSan or installing agendas protected by an Ash they can't pay to beat. Enjoy the deck and thanks for checking out.

22 Jan 2015 holosmoss

I think I will be using Universal connectivity fee to replace sansan #3 when I get this to a table.

23 Jan 2015 akonnick

@holosmossI like that option - let me know how it goes.

23 Jan 2015 PlutoNick

@akonnick "...the biggest boost you get over other NBN lists is that Project Beale becomes a 3 point agenda rather than a 2 pointer with SanSan City Grid. "


24 Feb 2015 menghoff

Have you tried Shoot the Moon? Getting e.g. Tollbooth this way would be sweet, although I suppose you wouldn't always want to rez Shinobi since it should be a surprise.