That One Az Deck From BCOM, 5-3, 4th @ BCOM 2022

anarchomushroom 346

Masterwork is a fucking busted console, guys.

Geist is long rotated and since he left, I've had a lot of fun playing Fake Geist decks out of Az with Masterwork and Tech Trader. I had kind of pawned them off as jank though, before saying to myself "What if I just plugged Masterwork and Tech Traders into reg crim? Free clickless Boomerangs are lit right?"

Anyway they are extremely lit and tonnes of fun. This went 5-3 over the weekend, going 4-2 in swiss beating PD, RH, R+, and Argus, and losing to PD and Outfit. It went 1-1 in the cut beating R+ and losing to CtM.

The deck plays like any other reg crim but you have the addition of the Masterwork/TT engine to make Boomerangs clickless and free. This is still very fucking good, and is excellent when supplemented with Rezekis. Late game you settle into a normal reg crim gameplan.

Crim IDs are a little bit lacking and Az makes for something different. I don't think I would have won the games I lost had I been playing Steve. The Caldera was a feared meta call where I expected there to be a grindy Jinteki deck but thankfully there was none. It should probably be the third Falsified or a second Inside Job. I also like legwork in that slot as well.

Overall, great weekend, very happy with my finish, congrats to Jakuza for winning the whole thing. Massive thank you to PSK, Mark, Vesper, and Percomis for running and organising everything. It was wonderful and a blast to finally meet folks and put faces to usernames.

4 Apr 2022 Longi

Like for taking Az to top8! Congratz!

4 Apr 2022 Cpt_nice


5 Apr 2022 mrteatime66

Thanks for the game and really lovely to meet you. Can't wait to take this list for a spin at my meet up next week!!

5 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

And you! It was a great game! Glad you (and everyone else it seems) like the list. It's a tonne of fun to play.

6 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

Also massive thanks to Radiant from the Seattle meta for brainstorming this list with me over the past few months! Invaluable advice!

21 Apr 2022 lodger

I like this deck a lot, and based on our jinteki games, you're obviously a much stronger pilot than I am. But whenever I try to pilot this, the Tech Traders feel like dead draws until the later game, when the deck has thinned out enough to get into a regular play-loop with the boomerangs. Any advice?