Fried Runner, Sunny Side Up, 10th UK Nationals, 2nd Uroboros

tomdidiot 574

This list is basically almost idenitcal to Manchester list, with the Revesred accoutns swapped out for a Lotus Field, and a 1 tollbooth for an 1 adonis. Not sure I like the change, and will probably go back to original version.

Deck went 6-2 on the day. both losses to Pre-paid Kate, once to Alex White (The UK national champ), and once to some really really lucky accesses by the runner. Despite its 7-1 Kill/Score ratio in Manchester, this Deck killed no runner at Nationals; it won by scoring out every time. However, the kill threat was vital in keeping the runner scared and afraid to run. This deck did beat several PrePaid Kates, mostly through tricks involving using stacked double-stacked Curtain Walls to tell PrePaid Kate to keep the hell out with her stupid Doggies.

Unfortunately, I don't have time right now to do a detailed tourney report like I did for Manchester, so this is going to have to do!

Exact same deck was then taken to Uroboros Cup by Laurence Watson, a metamate, who came 2nd. Went 4-2 on the day , 2 kills, 2 scores, with a loss to agenda flood, and a loss to a Stealth Hayley.

2 Jun 2015 Seamus

Looks good. How do you deal with runners that sit back waiting to snipe agenda from your scoring remote? This has been the biggest issue I've found with Blue Sun lately. People are more geared up for the long game now that Clot is on the scene.

Obviously the old Weyland technique of rushing the score under the threat of Scorch still has some heft but I've played plenty of games (particularly against Kate and - weirdly - Exile) where this isn't enough.

2 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

I find rushing surprisingly viable out of Blue sun. Firstly, the scorch threat is real, particularly because of the Midseasons threat - going low against this deck is a horrible idea. Secondly, and more importantly, most decks are looking to play the long game, which means that as long as I stick agendas behind two different end the runs early, I usually am able to get the score. Finally, prepaid kate is everywhere, and prepaid Kate does not like stacked barriers - in my game against Chris dyer I stacked 2 curtain walls and a changeling on my scoring remote and he couldn't get in without some really dodgy dog shenanigans.

2 Jun 2015 Seamus

Fair play. Do you find the Midseasons particularly important in that regard?

I've not experimented with the bouncing Mills trick for dealing with bad publicity (hence the lack of cards that give it in my deck). Do you find this isn't too much of a tempo hit? I worried that the deckspace could be better spent elsewhere and that the repeated installs might not prove worth the effort. How've you found it?

3 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

Lizzy gives me an early economy lead, and allows me to score out my Hostiles early on for money. She's mostly in there to actually allow me to run/score Hostiles; I find it far easier to push through 3 agendas and a hostile than to push through 4, especially as I can bluff Atlases as Lizzies.

The Midseasons is great. It theoretically allows me a triple scorch through Plascrete, and it's important because you don't need to be able to scorch someone right away when you midseaons them - you get them tagged first, then you can scorch them at your leisure when you draw into Scorches later in the game.

3 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

Also, I'm still a Moron. I was running 1 Ice Wall, 1 Meru Mati, not 2 Ice Walls. Sigh.

3 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

Also, I'm still a moron. I'm running 1 Datapike and 1 Meru Mati. Not 2 Datapikes. Sigh.