No more secrets (14th at Nordics 2017)

Bridgeman 928

A simple but very fun deck.

Use prepaid voice pad and money events to get a lot of cash, surprisingly effective.

Apply pressure to both Archives and R&D at the same time thanks to Omars nifty ability. If you can get some medium pressure going early on and perhaps force a purge that is great.

As you draw more of your deck you can intensify the pressure on R&D by adding more mediums and playing hivemind(preferably on top of a progenitor), which will let you access a butload of cards. The dream is to have freedom through equality, 2/3 mediums and a hivemind with two counters out on the big turn. Then hit R&D and get even more virus counters, then finish off with Showing off, accessing their whole deck or something.

What I love about the deck is how the corp has to deal with huge pressure immediately and that it only keeps building as you get more money and more mediums waiting for the right time to drop the hivemind and go crazy.

The pressure early on helps delay the corps plans and allow you more time to set up.

I would trade the day job for an earthrise hotel in retrospect as playing the day job rarely felt convenient and earthrise would speed up the game plan.