FREDPI Val - 1st at Taunton Regional (15 Person Event)

rotage 2620

This is the list that FREDPI shared with me which I used for the regional. He was going to publish but asked that I publish it instead. Thanks again for this list

I also used a variant of this at the Reading regional coming 11th missing out on the cut on SOS. The variant had -2 hacktivist -1 No One Home -1 Hunting Grounds +2 Quanju PT +1 Adjusted Chronotype +1 Misdirection. These changes were for Gagarin matchup but only faced 1 which was using a different combo so the cards did not help

30 Jun 2019 emilyspine


30 Jun 2019 rotage

I did install bike to deal with a Data Raven, but then I just won off R&D instead