Schüttel deinen Tag (110th at Magnum Opus)

Klopstock 628

This is the deck I played at Magnum Opus. It was the exact list two of my roommates (dome_ and percomis) were also on. They built the deck, which was based on bakunin75's list from the German Nationals. They changed a couple of cards (cut 1 Attitude Adjustment for a Preemptive Action, cut Lady Liberty for another ICE, switched the ICE suite around in general). I was undecided whether to play Azmari or Sportsmetal combo, but in testing the combo list seemed to fragile (which was reinforced afterwards by the people in our testing group who took it to the tournament and underperformed with it). That's why I switched to this deck at about 11 o'clock on Thursday evening, which was a great decision. I played it for the first time at the event and went 4-3 with it (which I think was still a little worse than its performance, could have been an even better record). The deck itself is great. The plan is to rush out a 3-Pointer, get one or two 1-Pointers and close out either by scoring in a taxing remote or by using SEA Source into Exchange of Information.

Other names that were in consideration for the deck:

  • Taggen wie ein #!&3"sohn (not chosen for inappropriaty)
  • Stimhacks for Breakfast, Turning Wheels for Lunch, Indexings for Dinner (not chosen for length)
  • The I in GFI does not stand for Ice (a little long and only affects me (see below))
  • Rain of Currents (although technically true, it's not really what separates the deck from others)


Game 1 against Martin B. playing Tag Me-Liza: This matchup is pretty bad and I had a bad draw. The first 15 cards brought me just 3 Ice. 2 of those were Data Ravens which are completely blank against Liza. Also I had an IP Block, which is nice, but since Martin had an early turtle (and was of course able to farm counters everywhere else) it was soon just a 1-Credit-Tax on R&D. Needless to say I lost this game without much chance.

Game 2 against Evan D. playing Geist with Crowbar/Shiv/Spike: An early Scarcity slows him down, I rush up to five points, then seal the deal with SEA Source into Exchange (which I landed with 0 Credits left, just in time, because in the long run his economy would have surpassed mine).

Game 3 against Michael K. on Cantrip-Chaos Theory: He contested an early Remote, going nearly broke to see an NGO, the next turn he Stimhacked through a Data Raven into a QPM and then went Tagme, which allowed me to Exchange for the win.

Game 4 against Peter M. (foilflaws) on Valencia: The game started well. He made the mistake (in my opinion) of denying me my Azmari Credits by not playing Events, but while it slowed me down, I think it hurt him more than it hurt me. I was in a pretty good position (it took me some time to build up, but he had far less on the board than I did, also he had already Stimhacked a Kitty and was Stimhacking an unadvanced NGO Front) when I wanted to rez a Fairchild 3.0 on the Remote and saw, to my horror, that I had accidentally installed a GFI there. I conceded the game on the spot.

Game 5 against Stephen E. on Khumalo: Luckily, there was a break between the two rounds, so I could calm down after the stupidest mistake I ever did in a Netrunner tournament (and I had some pretty bad ones before). The game against Stephen was pretty long, but this deck is built to prey on Anarchs and Khumalo is not that much different for this deck. You need to protect HQ more, but he has less economy and tempo than Val and Maxx, so taxing him out is still very doable and scoring out becomes equally more important and easier.

Game 6 against Jason D. (jdeng) on Pawnshop Hayley: This was a very long and tense game. Jason also took a spot in the line of people who stimhacked through a Data Raven into a Kitty, and although I could keep him under Scarcity or Death and Taxes for most of the game, he played it very well and in the end I lost narrowly. Still, it was a great game and lots of fun to play.

Game 7 against Jamie A. on Paragon Smoke: With a 7-5 record, we were both out of contention for day 2, so we just had two relaxed and fun games of Netrunner. I drew perfectly in this game and curved out really fast, just scoring seven points in my Remote before Jamie could build up a threatening board (which was pretty much a mirror of our other game, where my Smoke was too slow for his Mti).

20 Sep 2018 gammanet

hey, Michael K here, that ngo killed me, you were one of the only 2 decks to beat my Chaos Theory XD you and one classical Azmari. it was a huge pleasure to meet you, i wanted to check in on how you were doing, but never spotted you in the crowd again D: man, accessing all your sea sources during the last turn when i knew 15 minutes was up there. (i botched that indexing so hard, forgot to count clicks or something XD)

the funniest party was when i indexed death and taxes, it took me a minute to figure it out what it was, since im not fluent in german

20 Sep 2018 Klopstock

Hi Michael! I agree, our games were a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to meet you! I somehow forgot the amazing situation of you running into an HQ of 3x SEA Source, 1x 15 Minutes and accessing SEA Sources three times in a row, before finishing the game with the 15 Minutes (not with Exchange, as I mistakenly wrote in the report). Memories get a little fuzzy after so much Netrunner in such a short time :D

And I am sorry about the german cards! I've had that problem before, at Euros I had a game against a newer player, where we had a judge sitting next to us, searching the R&D accesses up on NRDB to show them what they were accessing. That was kind of funny :)