Edmonton Regionals 1st place (3-1)

CaKnuckleguy 365

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

9 Jul 2018 CaKnuckleguy

This was my Runner for Edmonton Regionals. I only ended up playing 4 games out of the whole day with it because of a first round Bye, a last round ID, and RNGesus blessing me with playing Corp the whole top 8 until the final game (ignore the ABR report, it has the final two games flipped. I ran to clinch the win, not corp)

Observations: You all know this deck. Clan Vengance, Zer0. Good stuff. Guess what only fired ONCE the whole day? Clan Vengance. In round 2 against Marik. That's it. I either never saw it, never needed it, or was already dead for the rest of the games.

Spice: Rebirth is typical for Val. DJ Fenris instead of a Career Fair was pivotal in a match where I was able to DJ into Steve Cambridge and recure my economy against Thomas in the finals. He wanted to HHN+HPT me into oblivion, I had money to always remove 8 tags. Steve let me do that without running out of econ cards.

Divide and Conquer + TTW combo'd deliciously into...a whiff. A deep whiff. A 'accessed 4 from everything' whiff. I'm not bitter, because it was a good play, but damn.

One worry I had was by cutting the Dirty Laundry I'd been too light on early econ that rush decks would get past me. Well I'm hear to tell you the easiest way to not lose to those decks is...not play them. RNGesus bless.

The one loss was as dramatic as it was quick. Sean S from Calgary installed an Oaktown, a prisec, and advanced Oak for turn 1 with Argus. I contemplated this for a few moments before running it. I had to I believe. Either he has the 'nuts' in hand and I lose, or he doesn't and I spend a turn removing tags and restarting my early game up 2 points. If I don't, he gets 2 points and more importantly NO ECON tempo hit at all for doing it. I couldn't give up 2 points if it wasn't even going to slow his roll. I ran, ate two tags, left the prisec installed, cleared my tags and took 1 credit. He Hit the News So Hard at me. I took 4 tags when on 1 credit. So I ran R&D to see if I could win before his next turn. Nope, top deck has High Profile Target. I died turn 3. The only time RNGesus taketh away-ed from me this tournament. So be it.

In the Finals I was up against Thomas' Outfit. He was able to get ungodly amounts of money with the intention of HHN me to oblivion when he had a Zelous Judge on the board so I would have no outs. I knew the game plan coming in so I knew I had one line of play as well. Get rich, be rich enough to be able to clear 3 tags AND kill any unrezzed ZJ before he could tag-storm me. As noted above, DJ Fenris into Steve Cambridge let me do this. Once I had enough of a reserve, I began running. At this point I had something like 4 bad pub and all my bin breakers ready to go. He never rezzed ice the whole game because it was pointless. I got HHN'd three times, twice with ZJ on the board. Each time I was able to execute my plan. Clear tags, kill Judge. Ground down the win from there.

I don't know if there are any major changes I'd suggest from this list. One thing I did notice...I never once used Employee Strike. I never faced a corp where I felt it was needed. That's just ID variance I guess. I got lucky.