Spoonstrike! (1st at Singapore SC 4-1)

Bridgeman 2321

Didnt go quite as well in Linköping SC, went 2-2 there :D

A new version of an old build that I brought to worlds last year. https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/62173/spooning-in-the-mines-untaxable-val-16th-at-worlds-2020-

There are a few tweaks here and there, stimhack had to be replaced.

  • Fueno was cut since asset spam is not big atm.
  • Imp was cut because it was mainly used to get around lakshmi. And stargate is better vs spombo when you dont have knobkiere.
  • Xanadu was cut because it seemed like a win more thing, it is at its best vs glacier, but the deck is already super good vs glacier. Love the card though :D
  • Two Deuces were cut in favor of Creative commision to save slots and get a more powerful econ event.
  • One MK Ultra was cut since it is rarely relevant
  • Added two stargates mainly because it gives a way to meaningfully pressure spombo, but is also neat vs PE where you can get valuable info and snipe out agendas, and also vs something like the outfit where they might try to get away with not icing R&D and just rushing in a remote, you can then delay their agenda draw to buy time.
  • One more maemi and poemu to keep the companion count high for keiko and smooth out the early game.
  • Wildcat strikes cause it helps your early game whether it gives credits or cards, and synergizes with maemi.
  • One overclock because there was not space for more :D Just a little extra push to pressure remotes before you have a huge pile of cash.

The deck does what it did before but better IMO, setup is smoother but the late game threat of untaxability is still the same.

The main idea is intact, get a solid drip board, then drop engolo and go nuts while trashing any annoying ice.

Especially in fast matchups you might need to draw ferociously for engolo if you dont get it early, it is necessary for pressure.

The deck feels very smooth and I really enjoy playing it. I want more practice against various decks to get a solid idea of what the various matchups look like but overall:

  • Any glacier is very beatable with this, jinteki, mirrormorph etc
  • PD is always going to be tough but this has play against it still, if you can establish a remote lock you have won. The defensive upgrades are the hardest to deal with, in those cases where you cant break through them you still have the option to pivot to stargate spamming.
  • If a deck manages to threaten a win very early thats normally bad for you :D For example neurospike R+, outfit with a very rushy hand, and PE. I believe all of these are manageable on average but with the right draw and the wrong accesses can be dangerous. The R+ matchup in particular would be interesting to explore as the deck does not have any taghate.
  • CTM is pretty uncommon atm, but if it were to become a big thing going to 3 overlocked might be an option and/or adding a citadel

Thanks once again to rustryder from our test group Unband for the valuable test games against PD and helping with tweaking the deck. And to tempest for making me wanna spoon some ice again :D

Thanks to Ghost00 for a great tournament! ;)

26 May 2021 Ghost00

👍👍 good to have you

30 May 2021 CyberDack

Any specific reason to be running Val over another ID like Edward Kim? Just curious

30 May 2021 Bridgeman

A few reasons: - You can rebirth into any other anarch ID and end Up with an extra bad pub for your troubles. - Bad pub is useful regardless of what you are facing be it asset spam or glacier. In other Words it's versatile - For this deck in particular bad pub ties into the Main goal of untaxability. Ice destruction creates thinly iced servers,which is where bad pub shines the most. The goal of the deck is to establish a board state where you can perpetually run without getting taxed out, thereby strangling the corp out of options.