Make them pay or keep out

Rom129 7

This is an ongoing revision of my 1st HB deck. The purpose is to make it expensive to run - either the runner is taking brain damage, spending credits or spending clicks to break the ICE. In one game the runner counted, with what he had on the board, it would take 37 credits to run R&D.

Guard, Eli and Victor 1.0 are the early ICE. Eliza's, Priority and Bioroid Efficiency are there for Wotan, Janus and Heimdall 2.0. One Hudson covers R&D while the other covers HQ. I only cover Archives if Datasucker, Security Testing or see that the person is a criminal that can Sneak Door. I cover it also if I have to toss an agenda there only if Jackson isn't in play.

There are seven agenda's on purpose. A one in seven chance of hitting one for the Runner gives the Corp better odds of getting the servers set up. There really is no need to go beyond the three main and one remote. A second remote is okay to stick a Jackson or Eliza behind.

Snatch and Grab is to keep the Runner honest, This deck has problems with D4v1d and e3 Feedback Implants combo. That is where Guard and Shattered Remains comes in. Future versions may put another neutral or low influence ICE to stop that combo.

6 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

How's it been playing out?

Can you please share a bit about the inclusion of Mushin No Shin? I'm confused, because the installed card must go in a new server; even if you spend the last click to install a piece of ICE, it's a server with only 1 piece of ICE.

Thank you.

7 Feb 2015 Rom129

Fl3xbyts - Thanks for noticing that. I've been playing it wrong. I misread it to say playing on an Installed server. I'll have to modify the deck.

Playing it with the way I read it, it was build a wall and dare them to come through. The draw is what always gets me. I'd end up with all Mushin and no agendas or agendas a no Mushin.

I'll work up a revision and get it posted. There are some other cards I've seen that I can use to replace Mushin.