Almost a perfect Outfit for Lockdown#7

Zanetti83 37

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10 Aug 2020 Zanetti83

This is @paulyg' s deck ( with just few changes regarding some ice, due to Lockdown ban list. I loved it the first time I played it and it performed well during the tournament. The only game lost was against a great Apex, in a very close match. I played almost 30 games with this deck, winning most of them by killing or scoring 50/50. The Chronos deck I used during the L#6 was very effective too but it was mainly a killer and that's not really exciting for me. As I try to rush with this deck, the combo dedication ceremony+reversed accounts gives me time to score the agenda. Also HHN supports this purpose: even if you cannot boom your opponent, the runner has to waste time&money to remove the tags.

10 Aug 2020 Cpt_nice

This is def a strong deck

16 Aug 2020 Dunsch

Hit me hard but is defenetly a nice deck to play against.