Trapps Lockdown 17

Dunsch 73

Yea Lockdown 17 we've come a far way. Cause I wanted to play a relativly expensive Runner I needed a cheap Corp I knew good enough to play halfway decently.
The choices were relativly small with: Jinteki: Restoring Humanity (Bad Palana ;P) Harishchandra Ent. (I had real fun with a game I built but the bans hit hard) Hyoubu Institute (nope just nope I lost to often with it having no chance at all) New Angeles Sol (Why should anybody play this)

The Idear of this deck is to spam the runner with Traps and divert him into them with Otoroshi, You are able to fast advance Agendas out over Trick of Light. And Obokata is a Trap in it self. The biggest trap is our all loved Cerebral Overwriter each Braindamage brings the runner down a bit more. And ticking a Clearinghouse through can give you a kill after a nasty trap or Obo hit. Getting a Trap/Obo/NGO together with a La Costa makes it really easy to get the tokens for Trick of Light.

This game lost to: Kahn (Really unlucky multiaccess) Az McCaffrey (well it was just a bit to good)

and Won against: Reina Joja (Clearinghouse after an Obokata is deadly) Edward Kim (an Otoroshi after an Anansi diverting you into an Urtica Cither is probably deadly)

I hope you have fun with it, when you hava any questions just hit me up.