Bypass Leela (1-2 GNK)

radishcat 65

1) Lost to ASA - I didn't find any breakers and got locked out of a big remote. I managed to build up a turning wheel and got 5 points on a big R&D dig but it wasn't enough.

2) Lost to Titan - Loads of accesses, but my opponent chained three Atlases together. I managed to delay the inevitable for a couple of turns by diverting funds to the point he couldn't score the game winning hostile.

3) Beat Mti - Click one DDoS, click two steal a naked Nisei, click three & four DOF started this game well. I took the second agenda with Spear Phishing and found the third off the top of R&D in a quick game.

1-2 record, plus a 2-1 record with the corp and a couple of free wins from a bye gave me 3rd place out of 13.