Compile is fun, play it (Regional Bochum ,6th Swiss 7th Cut)

ayyyliens 537

This deck is a copy of @TugtetguT excellent Circus Hayley list, I swapped one astrolabe for a dedicated proccessor and boy did it do work versus surveyor. This deck is a monster and it only slows down versus early scarcity. I think I will be cutting an SMC and the NRE for 2 interdictions.

It went 4-1 (with one timed win) and sadly I didn't get the chance to play it in the cut.

R1: Versus Skorpios (Win)

He managed to score a standoff and an atlas behind an archer. Noticed he dumped his other 2 archers in archives so I femme'd his rezzed archer, got the clot lock behind some sacc cons, managed to win a batty game and slowly worked my way up to 7 points.

R2: Versus MTI (Timed win)

Only had 10 minutes left for this one, managed to snatch a GFI from HQ on my last turn.

R3: Versus Ryanbantwins' Gagarin (Win)

When Brian plays Gagarin you just turn your brain off and hope for the best because it's going to be a miserable experience. Legworked on my first turn to see a vanity project . Tried to get my pawnshop running and some paricia's but his boardstate was getting out of hand. He build a tower of ice on R&D with tour guides wich blocked my indexing. He revealed he was on the SIU/Judge kill combo by installing them with tech startup (A mistake IMO as I can just trash them and buy time). A random HQ run awarded me with a government takeover. Playing 6 agendas in a 54 card deck with drudge work, shame on you Bantwins!

R4: Versus The Outfit (Win)

Did not know what to expect from this one. Kept my opening hand with misdirection. He quickly got to 4 points while building a remote of dead with surveyors and data ravens. Beth did some serious heavy lifting giving me a 5th click everytime. My indexing saw 3 agendas (1 hostile, 2 oaktowns). I was floating 1 tag with 3 clicks so I decided to steal the hostile and an oaktown and give him the other oaktown on his mandatory draw. He took the bait and installed the oaktown thinking I did not have a scoring window. Dedicated proccessor on femme, misdirection for the data ravens and using compile for d4v1d made sure I got in everytime. He kept baiting runs with NGO's, reversed accounts (even managed to score the 3rd oaktown giving him 5 points). On the 5th remote run I had to go tag-me knowing he would kill me with HPT the next turn but managed to find the winning atlas. Also slot a best defense guys! Easily the most fun and exciting game of the day!

R5: CTM (Loss)

I hate CTM, one of my worst match-ups. I also never played shaper versus CTM. Played way too aggressively, got news'd without misdirection. Game was over quickly.

22 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

CTM as shaper is indeed a miserable experience, but it is also quite skill intensive. You have to find the right balance between keeping the pressure up and hanging back when needed. Sometimes that works, and often it doesn't.

Anyway, congrats on doing well, I prefer Smoke myself but this deck is really fun Netrunner.

22 Jul 2018 ayyyliens

@Cpt_nice Thank you :) It was my first ever cut aswell. He got a team sponsorship cali testing combo going, tried to use clot but an engima kept me out. Another thing I had to deal with was an unrezzed Malia. I knew the moment I would drop ProCo he would blank it so I kept it in hand.

22 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

Congrats on the finish! CtM can be very rough, but it is definitely beatable. Astrolabe is a very big card in that MU, but Dedicated Processor for Surveyor is also a really good idea!

31 Jul 2018 Havvy

I'm running a similar deck but with currents, which I am struggling to part with incase of the early Scarcity! How do you deal with an early Scarcity with this deck?

1 Aug 2018 ayyyliens

You put down ProCo and Aesops anyway, the value they provide outweighs the scarcity cost. Often I found myself to be a little slower in setup but eventually your credit pool will allow you to steal an agenda. I run early in the turn incase I hit an agenda, I can use my remaining clicks to install sac cons/fan sites/casts that have been piling up in my hand. Don't be afraid to sell off SMC's or breakers you don't use to get a little boost. Also corps think they have a scoring window when you are under scarcity/low credits, compile reminds them that their server is not as sturdy as they believe. I got many early agendas this way. If you feel your meta has a lot of scarcity consider dropping imp/saccons for interdiction/hacktivist. This won't cripple your asset spam/skorpios matchups too much.

Unfortunately turn 1 scarcity/spiky matchups are a bit tricky with this deck. Do change your slots to whatever fits your meta :)