Trellbro Andy (1st, Belgian Nationals 2016)

Okkdoko 1119

Deck went 5-0 during the Belgian Nationals, leading me to 1st place. Thanks to Driesel, Ron Zacapa, Clercqie and Q for helping me agonize over every single card slot.

It was pretty obvious that criminal got ridiculously powerful with temujin which instantly makes the ctm matchup favorable. Biggest point of discussion was the breaker suite, since gordian and mongoose are just god awful vs the usual NBN ice. Stealing the basic anarch breaker suite worked out perfectly, making your runs even more efficient. A timely purge can still screw you over, however CVS is quite rare nowadays and you usually can find an open central to farm suckers on. There is 0 solution for lotus field on remote (besides femme), but Jinteki is basically dead with rumor mill being printed so this was acceptable. Only change I would make is perhaps -SoT +2nd legwork.

Round description:

  • R1: regionals bye

  • R2 vs Anthony (Russian NEH). He sneaks out T1 astro which I don't run since I decide to play around butchershop with psychic field, and gets to 4 points while I trash all his FA tools and go nuts on his R&D with medium. He basically doesnt see any other agenda while I siphon him whenever he gets in the range of being able to rez any meaningful ICE (WIN)

  • R3 vs Ron Zacapa (Josh solfood). This is a card for card mirror match, so I know this is going to be tough. Both of our draws are awkward, but I get lucky with medium getting to 6 points while he's quite flooded. By this point he's at 5 points himself and has 2 unrezzed ICE on remote while I still don't have yog nor mimic. He installs in the remote, and I am 100% sure it's a beale. I siphon to get my creds up and get a 2nd sucker, install yog, install faerie (over medium) and run the remote which just gets me past the booth and hound which I suspected. I had the exact 3 cards in hand I needed, so quite the lucky win. He repays me in kind during my corp game which I guess was karmic balance. (WIN)

  • R4 vs Ryanbantwins (Haarp shutdown combo weird stuff). Knowing he always plays weird stuff, I'm on my toes from turn 1. He quickly goes for the "install 2 agenda plan" which I choose to ignore instead building up medium and TTW on centrals. I get some points, but also see power shutdown, accelerated diagnostics, and SfSS. O-K. Suspecting he can combo into 3-4 points easily if I run again, I back off for a bit and find all my breakers to ensure I can TTW his whole hand and lock R&D to avoid him drawing the jackson he needed to combo. Eventually I legwork the last 2 points out of his hands before he can go off. (WIN)

  • R5 ID

  • R6 ID

  • Elims 2 vs Ron Zacapa (Josh solfood). Rematch from swiss, and I have a pretty good hand with burst econ and hotels drawing me my other hotels so I quickly get all breakers + econ. He only sees 5 ICE the whole game, so I can easily temujin and medium for the win. I had to let 3 tarmar fire, but with no ICE to rez he can't do much with all his creds. (WIN)

  • Elims 3 vs Massisi (Ctm). I have a fairly slow start, and we spend much of the early game denying eachother econ through closed/HHN vs siphon/trash all assets. I score 2 GFI on centrals, while he has astro and 2 BN. Eventually he's on 3 creds with PAD running and IA behind a remote with only quandary rezzed. I'm at 0 creds and have still not found my yog, so I take 3 creds and inside job the remote. Luckily he can't rez the ice in front and I can break the inside turnpike with faerie + suckers, and I score the 3rd GFI. Two turns later he score the 3rd BN, and I am sure he has the beale in hand for the win next turn. I can run HQ and R&D once each, and snipe the Beale off the top of R&D. Very close game, with me getting lucky at the end (WIN)

Deck is super solid in current meta, and I found it to be more consistent than dumblefork in testing. Starting with 9 cards is pretty good.

19 Sep 2016 esutter479

Congratulations on your win! This deck looks super cool. :)

19 Sep 2016 clercqie

Deck is super cool. It has outs against every Corp and it really rewards tight play.

For posteriority: all the people mentioned in the first sentence played this exact deck and we all did pretty good. I already cut the kati and SOT for 2 Daily Casts, but that's a minor change.