Cool Runnings - Andromeda Has a Bobsled Team

gumonshoe 2973

Step 1: Mulligan for activist support. Step 2: Find a vehicle.

If Steps 1 or 2 fail, Mr. Li and play like a normal Andromeda deck. When the pieces come together, get chop bot on the table and bad pub your opponent. Now chop up those activists and get on with the real shenanigans. Get those investigative journalisms down next and a desperado too. Whenever you make a run from here on out it should be accompanied by a few bad pub. Think of these bad pub as your bob sled team. They are 4 friends that should help you make extremely efficient runs. Where you basically get 5 free credits. Not once a turn. 5 times a turn. Use security testing to make money off remotes. Trash all the ones you don't like.

What's better though is that you have blackmail for that really big remote they build to keep you out. Or for harassing R&D with interface.

Mostly this deck is about taking a Bob Sled, tying your opponent down to the end of the track and trying to hit 88 mph as fast as possible.

You Can Do It!

19 Feb 2015 yung_zoloft

Awesome list. Very original. With 3 blackmails and 3 same old things, I might be tempted to replace Zu.13 Key Master with the code gate dog to free up influence for a 2nd RDI.

20 Feb 2015 moistloaf

props on being first to think of using Qianju like this. much faster to set up this way than with Valencia, even if you do pay 9 influence. do you think Express Delivery is necessary?

20 Feb 2015 gumonshoe

possibly. i'm open to slot changes

20 Feb 2015 Dydra

This deck gave me an awesome Idea, thanks ;)

20 Feb 2015 JohnnyMilton

This is killer.

21 Feb 2015 eXister

3inf from chopbot could be used also other way, cause i see that you chopping only 1xActivist?you will not install 2nd propably :) or its for reason take that tag and next turn chop that? I would switch that for more econ or savoir, or 2x Rachels

21 Feb 2015 eXister

2inf from chopbot

21 Feb 2015 Chimpster

Some great ideas here, definitely tempted to test it out.

Do you find that the inside jobs are worthwhile given you have blackmails to play with? Surely siphons here would do potentially more for you, both economically and in terms of aggression?

21 Feb 2015 gumonshoe

The deck needs something else; If you don't land the BP and the shut up centrals pretty well it peters out. Frame Job doesn't seem to be an option for this deck because you might not get an agenda without the blackmail. I'd honestly look into finding space for kati before siphon because its another card thats easy to defend against these days and if it's economy you want, you probably want something more reliable.