Early Bird Argus

Sanjay 3429

I am not an experienced Argus deckbuilder and I especially welcome feedback on this list.

I took osclate's finely tuned and tested Fake Nat's winning Argus deck and made a bunch of totally untested tweaks to get things in line with rotation.

I did okay with the deck in a 34 person tournament, going 2-1 and placing 5th.

Some thoughts about the specific changes I made:

I didn't ever draw the Ping which is kind of disappointing because I think it might be decent. It sure is no Data Raven but you only pay 2 for it.

Thoth is sick but 7 is a ridiculously high rez cost. But I figured if I was gonna pay 5 for Funhouse, I might as well pay even more for an even cooler ice. That thought process was pretty silly!

Not switching the Oaktown Renovation to Above the Law was likely wrong.

Spin Doctor are incredible.

2 Hard-Hitting News was bad and made the kill hard to threaten credibly. Maybe things would have gone better if I had an extra Consulting Visit? The Spin Doctors do let you cheat a bit on influence because you can recycle Hard-Hitting.

4 Apr 2021 Longi

I always love an Argus deck but I have certain reservations against playing one-off IPO after rotation :)

4 Apr 2021 Sanjay

Ha ha, whoops!

That was a Government Subsidy on the day, I swear.