Gabe Back to Basics (1st Place Fat Ogre Store Championship 2

Darkshift07 430

18 players, 5 rounds of swiss, cut to top 8.

I anticipated a meta with a lot of taxing decks so I built this deck to have a late game presence and it served me well. It went 7-2 on the day with both losses being flatlines vs jinteki due to carelessness. The 7 wins were 4 vs RP and 1 each against NEH, The Foundry, and Gagarin Deep Space. It was a taxing meta, indeed. Gabe was super clutch in the top 8, where I was forced to play 3 runner games in a row while already in the losers bracket in order to reach game 2 of the finals where I was allowed to corp again. (corp deck can be found here:

Nothing fancy, just have the tools and money to get into the servers and sometimes that all you need to win. No need to over think it.

inb4 "better in Andy"

I like Gabe more, so I played Gabe. Worked well enough, I guess. #kanyeshrug

21 Feb 2015 moistloaf

did you frequently Siphon >> Lawyer Up?

21 Feb 2015 Darkshift07

Not as often as I'd like. It happened way more often in testing. I was, however, able to pull off the dream turn of Account Siphon > Lawyer Up > Emergency Shutdown a couple times. It's pretty back breaking when that happens.

22 Feb 2015 Pao

Is there a reason including a one of maker's eye over a one of RDI? Seems a even a bit more consistent since its a permenant fixture than a one off event

22 Feb 2015 Darkshift07

@Pao That was a last minute change. I was testing 1x Vamp in this deck because of the synergy with pheromones and lawyer up, but it didn't work as well I liked in testing so I last minute changed it to maker's eye. My current Gabe deck is running 2x R&D interface and 1x indexing. Maker's eye actually ended up being a pretty clutch include as it almost always scored me points, but I agree that RDI is better for this deck.

24 Feb 2015 4dd150n

I've been running a similar deck that I have been referring to as "Uninspired Gabe." I think "Back to Basics" has a nicer ring to it.

Thanks for the idea of running Pheromones over Datasucker. I'll now be giving that a shot.

Are you having any issues with card draw? I run Mr. Li in mine.

24 Feb 2015 Darkshift07

@Addison I really like pheromones. Unfortunately Datasucker is still better because it triggers on R&D runs and security tests on archives. And yes, card draw sucked all day unless I played siphon > lawyer up, which didn't happen as often as I'd liked. I'm currently playing a tweaked version of this deck, but I just straight up added 3 Earthrise hotels to solve the draw problem. Yes, its 48 cards now, but 6 cards for 1 click definitely fixes the draw problem.