Program: Virus • Install: 2 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2

Xrecurring credit

Use these credits during runs on HQ. X is the number of virus counters on Pheromones.

Whenever you make a successful run on HQ, place 1 virus counter on Pheromones.

Criminal • Ed Mattinian • Humanity's Shadow 86
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There are quite a few tricks you can pull with this card.

-You can use the recurring credits to trash assets that you access in HQ, or on PSI games. -You can use the recurring credits to pay to remove Tags from siphon or vamp with NACH during the Run. -You can absolutely Vamp people using these credits.

Finally, the somewhat odd nature of this card regarding virus counters and recurring credits needs to be clarified: At the start of the turn after the corp purges virus counters, the recurring credits stored on pheromones from the previous turn are not removed.

I feel like I finally made decent progress with this card when I built a Gabe deck using Cyberfeeder, NACH, Vamp, Siphon, Central Breakers, Djinn, and Lamprey. Every card in here is good in Gabe already except Djinn, which can totally tutor out lampreys or host your sneakdoor.

(All That Remains era)
I like this card a lot, as I really like recurring credits. You need to build a deck around it, but if you do it can be really effective. It's worth noting that this card works well with Hivemind. —

That's not even to mention the MU cost, or the cost to install it.

I could potentially see this card being somewhat useful when you really want to be able to ensure at least one HQ access a turn (playing Silhouette or Gabe, Emergency Shutdown, etc).

However, this card is very slow, and I would think works best in a control deck looking to build inevitability, rather than Criminal's typical blitz assault.

(All That Remains era)

The good: Provides lots of recurring credits during runs on HQ.

The bad: Incredibly slow to act. If you Install, Run, Run, Run, you don't see any benefit until the next whole turn.

The ugly: Purge virus counters.


Just-in-time installers: Personal Workshop, Savoir-faire, Self-modifying Code, Clone Chip

Sneakdoor Beta

Feint, Inside Job

The central-only breaker suite: Alias, Passport, Breach

It's a neat idea, but even with the synergies above, it still feels like a weak card to me.

(All That Remains era)