The Click Feast (4-0 - 1st Canberra GNK)

Gizmaluke 216

This is a MirrorMorph deck I've been working on since Downfall came out. I didn't think that calling it a more difficult to trigger ETF was fair and set out to build a tempo deck leveraging the new cards. It has been performing really consistently for me. Others that have played the list have really enjoyed it once they groked the ID. Opponents generally dislike being limited to two clicks after watching you take nine or ten in a single turn.

The aim is just to make efficiency based plays most of the time. The ID isn't too hard to hit, and you should aim to get more than 1c of value of it most of the time. Take a couple of early turns to stabilise. Once you're good, jam an MCAAP or an Efficiency Committee and get going. A server or two of single ICE defended assets are fine (just preference your taxing, non-ETR ICE).

ICE was chosen to either leverage the click compression of MCAAP and ELP to score out, or to be taxing in order to exacerbate the tempo difference with the runner.

Neat little tricks: - Using RLC to clicklessly get a team sponsorship out on a scoring turn often returns an MCAAP the runner will struggle to deal with (especially with two clicks) - If turtle is causing you issues and you have an EffComm scored, it's quite easy to score the next by using the clicks to purge. Same with boosting econ to protect a score once Clot comes out. - Install, gain 6c is always fun and happens more often than you'd think

Hope you have fun playing the deck. Happy to answer any questions.