Stargate WuHoo (2nd overall out of 10 in 2019 Pittsburgh Reg

Breaker0neNine 132

Early rezeki is great. Almost always having all three rezekis out by the end of turn 2 is really great. Use your mulligan + Wu ability + SMC + stimhack + rejig + scavenge to get three rezekis out asap.

Basic idea is to allow credits to drip in while remote camping with Falsified then using multi-access and pseudo-multi-access (TTW and stargate) to punish the corp for committing too much ice on the scoring server. Alternatively against jinteki decks mulligan/draw for a feedback filter and then (usually) just win. 48 cards because I am indecisive and I figured Wu's ability means that I always have access to the really important early stuff anyway. Probably bad logic, I know.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to all my opponents, the organizers, and the other participants at the regionals for making my first IRL competitive Netrunner experience fun and memorable! The rumors are true, this community really is great.

27 May 2019 aunthemod

Falsified Credentials does work here! Really enjoy this list.

28 May 2019 allofthemarbles

Really enjoyed our games on the day! This list was absolutely brutal to play against as a Jinteki shell game/kill deck.